Austria Immigration Requirements

Austria Immigration Requirements

Austria is one of the oldest and most beautiful European countries. Population of Austria is around 8.4 million people. Statistically, %19 of Austrian population consists of immigrants, mostly coming from Eastern European countries. Austria is a member of Schengen area and Eurozone and the official currency of Austria is Euro (EUR). Being a Schengen area country has many benefits.

Types of Austria Immigration. Terms and Conditions

Austria has a strict immigration policy and Non-EU nationals wishing to stay in Austria for more than three months must apply for a residency permit.

There are different residence permits in Austria depending on your country of origin, the duration of the stay, lastly depending on your ties with Austrian, EEA, or Swiss nationals.

There are mainly two types of residency for employed third country nationals. Namely, Red-White-Red Card, for self-employed persons, for employees of a specific company. And Blue Card, which is for highly qualified and skilled university graduates.

Who Can Apply for Austria Immigration

1. Red-White-Red Card

Persons who plan to take up permanent residence in Austria for the long term can obtain a residence permit or indefinite leave to remain.

For Self Employed applicants, if their business provides an economic benefit for Austria. This is the case if:

  • the occupation includes a sustainable transfer of capital investment to Austria or the intended occupation creates new jobs or secures existing jobs, or
  • the company of the self-employed key worker is of considerable importance for an entire region.

For Employees;

The residence permit “Red White Red Card” can be obtained by; very highly qualified employees, skilled workers in shortage occupations, other key employees and graduates of Austrian universities.

2. Blue Card

In order to apply for a Blue Card, you will need;

  • Proof of graduation from university or another type of education institution which provides minimum study duration of three years
  • Proof of the status of the university or other education institution

Aside from Blue Card, and Red-White-Red Card stated above, Austria also has a residency plan for persons in relation to their family members. If you have a family member, or spouse, long-time partner or a same-sex partner who already resides in Austria you must choose this plan of family reunification.

Required Documents for Austria Immigration

In any case, regardless of your choice of immigration, you will need certain documents such as application for your choice of residence permit, valid travel documents, photos, birth certificate, and certificates concerning your education.

You can see the full list of documents in the official government website. Please note that some documents will need to be Apostilled in accordance to Hauge Convention.

Where and How to Apply for Austria Immigration

Applications must be filed from abroad by the applicants themselves, by means of online forms stated in the official government website. On a side note, for Blue Card, the application can also be made by the employer.

Austria Immigration Procedure

You can apply for the residence permit “Red-White-Red Card plus after 2 years following taking up residence in Austria and 21 months of gainful employment as highly skilled key employee. After 2 years of residence, the immigration authority can grant a residence permit that is valid for 3 years.

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