Canada Immigration. Requirements for Immigration to Canada?

Canada Immigration. Requirements for Immigration to Canada?

Canadian Immigration is not Far Away

United States of America’s neighbor Canada is the country of dreams and opportunities. Regarding to the many reports, Canada has the best living conditions in the World. This is the one and the most important reason why many of us want to be a citizen of Canada.

Canada Immigration

Even though immigration legal arrangements are held under the Canadian Federal Government (KFH) framework, all Canadian provinces have right to arrange independent immigrants acceptance agreements. These Canada provinces arrange agreements in accordance with their economic needs.

Every year, Canada accepts more than 250.000 immigrants to motherland. Unfortunately, not all of us are accepted as immigrant or citizen by Government of Canada. There are lots of Canada immigration requirements to be a citizen or immigrant.

Do you qualify for Canadian Immigration?

On 2015 Canadian Government had started up a new immigration system called as “Express Entry”.  The system is based on score prioritization. Each candidate has a score on own skills, work experience, language, education and other subjects.

Express Entry system includes employers as well. So, job announcements are published for employers to reach potential candidates. Canada, with this brand-new immigration system, aims to ensure that the applications of qualified candidates are concluded more quickly.

So how an immigrant is scored and what are Canada immigration requirements?

  •  Profession branch and graduation department.

Each different profession branch has different score. This score is calculated according to Canada and her provinces’ needs. So please keep in mind that, scores is changeable in each year.

  • Education level

To get a high score, you need to have at least Bachelor’s degree.

  • Level of Language Knowledge

Official languages of Canada are English and French. Yoou have to know a good degree at least one of them. It must be documented in one of the exams accepted by the Canada Immigration and Citizenship Unit.

  • Age

Everyone can apply for Canadian immigration but ages under 35 get higher scores in this section.

  • Job Experiences

During application you must have at least one-year job experience. However, while calculating total score this one-year experience score isn’t enough. So, it is better to have minimum two-year job experiences.

  • Your Spouse’s Foreign Language Level

The English or French knowledge level of your spouse’s also has a contribution to your overall score.

  • Relatives in Canada

The positive contribution comes from your relatives, who live in Canada as citizen or legal immigrant.

  • Education or Job Experiences in Canada

Again, if you have one of the upwards one, you add one more score to your scoreboard.

For the most current scores you can follow Canada Federal Government Website.

Don’t Worry You Have Another Chance

Except this Express Entry system you have another option. The is also another Canada immigration requirements and scoring system. According to Immigration Scoring you can apply for immigration to Canada Consular.

Immigration Scoring

You need to get a total score of 75 in different groups. These are age, education, vocation, profession and foreign language points.

What rights can you gain after obtaining immigration?

  • Free education
  • Business building permit
  • Free health services

We have given information about Canada immigration regulation above. If you want to get more information, do not hasitate to contact us from below comments box. We will reply all your questions.

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