Cost of living in Egypt. Accomodation and Transport Costs

Cost of living in Egypt. Accomodation and Transport Costs

Whenever a person moves to some country she/ he think about the cost of living. Egypt is the country that links the northeast Africa with the Middle East. Its capital is Cairo that was the home town of the ottoman landmarks. If you are looking to settle down in the best country of the jointly continent of Africa and Asia then Egypt is the best is a very great hometown to live and exposure the best life style with less population. Egypt has a lot of opportunities and the cost of living in Egypt is not much expensive.

Facts about Egypt:

Egypt is the best global place for the trader and the historical workers beside its own many historical places that are the best architectural designs.

Exchange rate of Egyptian Currency:

According to the exchange website collective data a single US dollar is equal to the E£ 17.86 (Egyptian Pounds).

Cost of living in Egypt is as follow. Please have a look below to get easy idea about your work place and living.

Housing Cost – Rents in Egypt

As per our discussion to live in Egypt we must know about the housing rent in Egypt. Most of us spend big amount of salary for the cost of the accommodation. It depends upon our area and the usage that is mostly the area which we people occupies accordance to our need.

  • Rent for the 900 square foot apartment in the capital city Cairo is around $319 which is categorized as an expensive area.
  • If you occupy the same accommodation in a normal area then it cost $165 per month.
  • The bill for the two tenants is around $33 per month.

Food Costs in Egypt

Going to the Egypt is the good idea but the living without food is not possible. According to the study related to live in the Egypt the food cost more in the Egypt and it is expensive related to some other places

Some of the basic food items are as follow:

  • Two pounds of potato are about $3.06 that is the cost for the combo meal at any fast food point.
  • In the capital city of Egypt the red table wine is of $8 that is the most expensive item in your lunch menu.
  • Basic lunch time menu with the drink is of $8
  • 1 ltr. Whole fat milk is $0.80 and 12 eggs are of $1.19

Transportation Cost in Egypt

While you are living in the Egypt you are also in need to travel to your work school or other places which is your basic need.

  • The monthly rent of the bus is $14.
  • The taxi charges $1.89 for five miles.
  • The cost of the new car is $23407.
  • The gas cost around 22 Cents per liter.

Utilities Cost in Egypt

The utilities are the necessary to pay by everyone while living at a place it is compulsory of today’s life. Some of these estimated are here as follow.

  • If you are looking to live in a furnished studio then the cost is around $217 for 480 sq. Feet in expensive area and in the normal area it cost around the $92.
  • The utility bills are of some around $92.
  • The high cost internet of 8MBps is of $16 a month.

If you fell sick in the Egypt then the visit to the private doctor for 15 minutes cost around $20 and the 1 box of antibiotics is of $4.18 which has 12 doses.

Weekend entertainment if as follow:

  • 2 tickets for the movie are of $7 and for theater is $41.
  • The 1 cocktail drinks in a downtown club is of $5.28.
  • And 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes is $2.08.

Cost of living in Egypt as per estimated is not as much as some other countries of the world. For the one with good job and salary can easily manage to live at best place of the city.

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