Cost of Living in France. Foods, Rents, Accomodation, Transportation

What Is the Cost of Living in France?

The cost of living in France is higher than in Western European countries. Paris is one of the main reason of that because of its touristic structure. But away from the big cities, you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy a good quality of life in France.

Cost of Living in France

Accommodation Costs in France. Rents

Accommodation costs are a point that shows the cost of France. The average rent in France is 12.6 € / m². In a city like Nice or Montpellier you need to pay 350€ per month to a 15 m² studio apartment But you have to pay € 468 for a studio of 11 m² in Paris.

If you want to stay in the studio apartment in Saint Germain, you should also consider a monthly figure of about 1000-1200€. If these prices exceed you, sharing the rent with friends is also a common option. In such a case, you pay a monthly rent of €1.998 for a 4-room and 70 m² house.

Transportation Costs in France

One of the benefits of living in a metropolitan city in France is public transport. They are quite good and not expensive. For instances, tickets are sold as a monthly subscription and the prices of these tickets vary from city to city. They average 60€.

When you compare it with some of other European countries, It is quite reasonable. If you live in the countryside you must have your own car and so the fuel is about 1.65€/lt.

The cost of the taxi depends on the city. For example, if you take a taxi in Paris or Marseille, the fee starts at €5 and in another city,  you pay initially about 2.50€ and then this increases by €1.80 per kilometer.

Food Costs in France

Restaurant prices in France may be high. A good meal for two is around €50.  If you eat pasta and drink with lemonade, you must pay around 20€.  If you eat pizza with beer, you also pay a total of about €17. If you consume cappuccino frequently, you should pay about €3.50 each time. As you may see below, market prices are not expensive;

  • Water: 0.50€
  • Bread: 2€
  • Cheese: 2€
  • Milk (1 lt): 0.95€
  • Rice (1 kg): 1.70€
  • Eggs (12 Pieces): 2.70€
  • Steak (1 kg): 16.50€
  • Apples (1 kg): 2.30€
  • Potatoes (1 kg): 1.50€

Clothing Costs in France

In France, clothing costs are on average. However, the fashion capital of Paris and especially the Champs Elysees can exceed your budget. Boutiques in the Champs Elysees like Kookai offer some of the latest trends in fashion. But prices are above average for customers. You need to wait for outlets or discount times to catch up with trends and reach affordable prices. Average prices for the general situation;

  • Pants: 80 – 100€
  • Summer Outfit: 30 – 50€
  • Running Shoes: 70 – 100€

Health Care Costs in France

Everyone who lives in France for more than three months is covered by health insurance. Foreigners can also benefit from this service. Provided under its government-funded PUMA, about 70 percent of medical costs are covered. The average monthly cost of this insurance is 10€.

In France, it is enough to pay between 20 and 40€ for a doctor’s appointment. You will need to pay an average of €10 for the emergency service.

Finally, we would like to remind you that in France, there is a program that provides free health insurance for people with lower income or unemployed called CMU-C.

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