Cost of Living in Kazakhstan

Cost of Living in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers. It has a population of around 18.3 million. The country is blessed with picturesque settings. The terrain adorns hills, rock canyons, deltas, steppes, taigas, snowcapped mountains and harsh deserts. It is a tourist’s paradise if we love Nature and what is offers us.

A trip to this enchanting country

When planning a trip it would be prudent of us to take into consideration the cost of living in Kazakhstan. Such an exercise would ensure we get the best out of our trip. There is much that this country could offer us and taking in the optimum would be our prerogative.

To be on a short holiday or working there, the cost of living in Kazakhstan would determine your every step.

The cost of food in Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan is strategically placed and has traditionally been influenced by Asia and Europe. Hence its food too has a rich and diverse mix of both contrasting cultures. The cost of living in Kazakhstan too could be diverse as the sumptuous food dished out. The country shares the best of both worlds offering a unique blend of gourmet cuisine.

A square meal in an average restaurant could cost about US$ 5.00 to US$6.00. Whilst in an upmarket restaurant a three course meal for two could make you poorer by anything around US$ 20.00 to US$ 30.00. Fast foods at McDonald’s or similar could cost about US$ 5.00 or thereabout.

Beer, coke, cappuccino, or any similar beverages could cost as little as US$ 0.50 to around US$ 2.00. If you are on a shoestring budget anything between US$ 20.00 and US$ 30.00 should get you through the day.

Cost of Living in Kazakhstan

The country is rich in oil and gas hence the cost of living in Kazakhstan is reasonable. This has a direct bearing on its transport sector. Hence getting about in local transport would cost you next to nothing. There is a good local transport network hence availing it would be a prudent way to get about.

Hiring a car depending on the model could be quite exorbitant with costs beginning at US$ 500.00 plus per day. Local transport is comparatively cheap with a one way ticket beginning at a low US$ 0.22 and progressively growing. There is ample local transport available.

The starting fare for a normal tariff taxi is as low as US$ 1.08 and increasing. A kilometer in one of these taxis would set you apart by just US$ 0.27 only.

House rent and utility bills in Kazakhstan 

Planning to live in the city center would need you to pocket out about US$ 300.00 per month on a one bedroom apartment. That would drop quite sharply if you plan to live in the suburbs. A similar one bedroom apartment would cost about US$ 200.00 or even less.

All your utilities ranging from electricity, water, gas, heating, cooling and collection of garbage are quite affordable. Living in an average household everything could cost you between US$ 30.00 to US$ 80.00 per month.

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