Cost of Living in Netherlands. Foods, Accomodation, Transportation Costs

Cost of Living in Netherlands. Foods, Accomodation, Transportation Costs

Although cost of living in Netherlands can vary from city to city or person to person or many other factors, here are some roughly calculated numbers for your reference.

Cost of Living in Netherlands

Appartment Rents in Netherlands

Rent will obviously be your number one expense while calculating cost of living in Netherlands. Therefore you must first calculate your average rent and then move on to other expenses. One-bedroom apartment in the city center would cost approximately 950 to 1000 Euros. While an apartment with the same features outside city center would roughly cost 750 Euros.

A three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs roughly about 1600 Euros, while the same apartment outside city center can cost about only 1100 Euros.

Monthly Utilities in Netherlands

Your monthly utility bill should be about 150 Euros for a regular apartment, including electricity, heat and cooling, water and garbage. For a smaller apartment and for one person your utility bill can cost about only 100 Euros.

In this age, the Internet is often considered a basic utility just as water, heat and electricity. So it is safe to assume internet is a basic need for you, here are some monthly internet prices; 1 month price for 8 Mbps internet is 28 Euros, while unlimited data 60 Mbps internet can go up to 37 Euros per month. If you plan to use hired cleaning help it costs roughly about 15 Euros per hour.

Transportation Costs in Netherlands

Gas prices are not expensive compared to most countries, which is 1.60 Euros per liter. Monthly public transportation pass is 80 Euros.

If you want to use your own car, then you can buy a new Volkswagen Golf or a Toyota Corolla or an equivalent basic new car for about 23.000-25.000 Euros. Or you can always use a bike as majority of Dutch people do.

Clothing Costs in Netherlands

1 pair of Levi’s jeans or equivalent brand can cost 85 Euros. A summer dress in a chain store such as Zara or H&M can cost about 30 Euros and a pair of Nike or equivalent brand sneakers costs roughly around 85 Euros.

Food Costs in Netherlands

Two person, three-course dinner can cost about 60 Euros in a mid-range restaurant. Meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant costs only about 15 Euros. McMeal in McDonald’s, or any equivalent combo meal is 7 Euros.

Fruit and vegetables are relatively inexpensive in Netherlands, apples, bananas, oranges, tomato, potato, onion prices all vary around 1-2 Euros per kilo. A kilo of chicken breasts cost around 8 Euros.

Entertainment and Leisure Activities

When calculating your cost of living in Netherlands you should always estimate some expense for fun because that is the Dutch style. For example, in Netherlands, cinema tickets for 2 people costs around 23 Euros. Gym membership prices are around 28-34 months per month depending on the district. Basic dinner out in a local neighborhood pub cost around 45 Euros, local beer prices are 4.50 Euros, and cocktail drinks in a downtown club cost only 9 Euros.  And lastly for smokers out there thinking about moving to Netherlands, 1 pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs 7 Euros. Mid-range wine can cost around 6 Euros, and good quality wines are around 8 at a supermarket. Also, in supermarkets beer prices are as low as it can get, about 1.16 Euros for domestic and 1.87 Euros for 0.33 bottle of imported beer.

To summarize cost of living in Netherlands is higher than most European countries. It can be said that it is lower than all Scandinavian countries. It is somewhere in between, prices vary and there are many aspects to monthly cost of a person or a family so always calculate your budget for your own specific needs and expectations.

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