Cost of Living in Turkmenistan

Cost of Living in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has a population of 5.664 million with a population density of 10.5 persons per square kilometer. It is a large country which is sparsely populated. The country has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$ 112.65 billion (PPP) and a per capita income of US$ 19,526 (PPP) recorded in 2016.

This is a comparatively rich country and it possess the sixth largest natural gas reserves in the world. These rich attributes put Turkmenistan among countries that are affluent and steeped in beauty with picturesque settings. Living or holidaying is quite affordable as the cost of living in Turkmenistan is affordable.

Cost of Living in Turkmenistan

Food costs in Turkmenistan

A meal in a moderate restaurant would cost between US$ 5.00 and US$ 15.00, where you could get a good variety of food choices. The country has had the influence of the east and the west including inputs from the Mediterranean and Africa too. The upmarket gourmet cuisine is great too, with a square meal for two setting you back between US$ 25.00 and US$ 70.00.

Depending on what budget you would be travelling or living in Turkmenistan you could afford to go through a day with anything between US$ 30.00 and US$ 60.00. The food choices are great and some of the local dishes are sumptuous and filling, which makes the cost of living in Turkmenistan affordable for all.

Transportation costs in Turkmenistan

Local transport costs are unbelievably low and are just US$ 0.09 for a one way ticket. A monthly local transport pass would cost a meager US$ 5.75 at normal tariff. Taxis too are cheap and would cost around US$ 1.00 or less. Getting about in local transport is comfortable and cheap.

Gasoline is just US$ 0.23 per liter but hiring a rent a car for a month could be quite expensive, therefore costing anything around US$ 12,000 plus. It would be prudent to use local transport because traffic at peak times could be at snail’s pace. Driving would be a nightmare during that time. The two main essentials, food and transport at low prices make the cost of living in Turkmenistan within the reach of everyone.

Utility Bills and Rents in Turkmenistan

Rent is quite reasonable too at around US$ 300.00 to US$ 350.00 for a one bedroom apartment per annum. The capital city of Ashgabat would have a \slight upward trend. It still rents in the suburbs are within the reach of many. A two bedroom apartment would cost around anything around US$ 400.00 plus.

The utilities bills are also comparatively cheaper than in any of the regional countries. This ensures that the cost of living in Turkmenistan is affordable to all. Heating and cooling with gas and electricity mostly subsidized by the government. These facilities would filter down to everyone and not only to the locals.

If you are from the west or the east the living standards are quite reasonably comfortable and this country is a good place to spend a good part of your life happily.  

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