Cost of Living in UK? All the Living Expences

What Are the Cost of Living in UK. Living Expenses in UK?

In UK, living expenses vary depending on lifestyle. If you reduce all costs, stay at the most affordable house and don’t go out too much, you can get along with 700-800 pounds. You will need to spend an average of 1,000 pounds a month on average to live a little more comfortable.

If you are fond of entertainment, you’re always hanging out and want to stay in better homes, the costs can be raised to around £ 1,500-2,000. The most expensive thing here is the service sector: like a hairdresser. If I say you will pay 40 pounds for haircuts, 20 pounds to have a blow dry, I think you can understand.

Cost of Living

Accommodation Costs

Even if you have a small house with 3 rooms and a garden, you should be willing to pay at least 3000 pounds a month. Even instead of the flat in the apartment, the prices start from around 2000 pounds.

There are different options for people without expensive homes in the UK. One of the most common methods is sharing the house. Rooms in shared homes, the average cost per month is currently £ 700.

Transportation Costs

Another expensive thing in England, especially in London, is transportation. There is almost no point in London that cannot be reached by public transportation. It is possible to reach every point of the city in 24 hours by making a few transfers. However, it is the most expensive public transportation service in the world. For example, you should spend an average of 5 pounds on a one-time metro trip.

If you travel frequently, there is a way to reduce your transportation costs: the subscription cards called Oyster Card. With these cards, you can use all metro and bus lines unlimitedly by paying in advance for certain periods and certain distances.

If you are going to use a taxi, you should consider that the taxi fare is an average of 3.17 pounds. If these are expensive, you can think of a car sharing solution called car pooling. Moreover, 1 liter of gasoline average 1.11 pounds. If this option is expensive, it’s best to think of living in England again.

Eating and Drinking Costs

Everything in the UK is not expensive. There are some opportunities for food needs. Some products, such as meat, milk, fruit and vegetables, may be sold at a discounted rate at the end of the day. There are also stores in the UK such as Poundland, where many products are sold for 1 pound.

If you eat outside a standard menu, for example Burger King – Mc Donalds, you should pay 5-10 pounds. If you want to go to any pub and eat fish & chips, you need to pay about 30 pounds for 4 people, also if you want to drink two beers about 8 pounds.

Other Costs

If you look at other living costs, the average monthly electricity and water bill of a family of 4 people costs 50 pounds, the natural gas bill costs 70 pounds, Internet and television license is about 40 pounds.

One last clue to living in the UK: Remember that living costs are often more expensive in the south and cheaper in the north.

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