Denmark Immigration Requirements

Denmark Immigration Requirements

Denmark is a European country of 5.7 million people. Like Sweden, Denmark is a member of the European Union and Schengen area but not part of the Eurozone. National currency of Denmark is Danish Krona (DKK).

Types of Denmark Immigration.Terms and Conditions

If you want to reside in Denmark and you are a citizen of the EU countries or one of the Nordic countries special rules apply, such as; Nordic citizens are free to reside and work in Denmark and EU and EEA/Swiss nationals can stay freely in Denmark under the EU rules on free movement.

If you are non-EU national rules are as follows.

Applicants must have had a temporary residence permit for 8 years before they can apply for permanent residence permit. In some certain cases 4 years of legal residency might be enough.

Who Can Apply for Denmark Immigration

If you want to reside in Denmark with your spouse, or partner or your family members you have two options; you must either apply for family reunification or residence permit as an accompanying family member.

According to Pay Limit Scheme regulations of Denmark, if you have been offered a job with a yearly salary of at least 417.793,60 DKK; or if you have been offered a job, in a profession, which is experiencing qualified professional shortage, or you have been offered a job as a researcher or, offered employment as a PhD you can easily get Danish work permit.

You can apply for Start-Up Denmark program which is specialized for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Application process is almost the same, the main difference being, getting approval Danish Business Authority’s panel of experts before application.

Finally, if you are a medical doctor or a dentist from another country, once again special rules apply. You can get Danish authorization if you can prove documentation, stating The Danish Patient Safety Authority have approved your medical training.

How to Apply for Denmark Immigration

You can submit your application online, or to SIRI’s Citizen Center located in Copenhagen (Citizen Centre of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration) in person. The other alternative is submitting your application to Danish representations abroad.

Procedure for Denmark Immigration

You can expect to hear back within 1 month from submitting your application for almost all types of residence permits. But if you are accompanying family members, your process can take up to 2 months.

Required Documents for Denmark Immigration

As there are many different types of residence permits required all kinds of different certificates and qualifications, please refer to official government website for a full list of required documents.

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