France Immigration Requirements. Moving to France

France Immigration Requirements. Moving to France

 France is a member of the European Union and part of the monetary union, Eurozone. Population of France is currently around 65 million people. France is home to many European immigrants from Spain and Italy, as well as many immigrants from Algeria and Morocco and the other former French colonies in North Africa.

 Types of France Immigration and Terms and Conditions

By EU regulations, EU nationals can freely work and reside in France. There are four types of basic residence permits for non-EU citizens in France, namely temporary residence card, for up to 1 year, passport talent residence card which is valid for 3 years, resident card and retired residence permit, both of them valid for 10 years. Please note that, all of the permits mentioned above are renewable and resident card is conditionally renewable permanently after 10 years.

Unlike many other countries, France’s immigration system allows applicants to request retirement visas, which will be granted for long periods of time as long as the economic conditions are met.

Who Can Apply for France Immigration?

You can apply for either, seasonal worker multi-year residence permit or multi-year Passport Talent Residence Card unless you are family or ascendant of a French national or applying under family reunification.

“Passport Talent Residence Card” is applicable for a lot of individuals. If you are a European Blue Card highly qualified worker, or a researcher, a corporate officer, or a performer or an artist you can apply for passport talent residence card. Also, entrepreneurs and economic investors, and more specifically the bearers of an innovative economic project can apply and possibly get a residence card.

Finally, if you are a foreigner with a national or international reputation, it can be either, artistic, scientific, literary or a sporting level, you can apply and most definitely get a passport talent card.

Where and How to Apply France Immigration? What is the Procedure?

Long stay visa allows you to stay more than normally allowed 3 months period, but you must apply for some type of a residence card in order to continue your stay in France. Holders of the long stay visa called “carte de sejour” must contact the French prefectural authority in their choice of residence to apply for a residence permit. Deadline is two months beginning from entering the French territory. For family member of French or other EU member states the deadline is 3 months.

Required Documents for France Immigration

As the documents vary extensively depending on your type of application and country of origin, you can refer to the official government website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs for a full list of required documents.

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