Germany Immigration Requirements. How to be German Immigrant?

Germany Immigration Requirements

Germany is a Western European country of approximately around 80 million people. It is a member of the European Union, Eurozone and Schengen Area and German nationals and immigrants enjoys many benefits.

Types of Germany Immigration and Terms and Conditions

Like many European Union countries, Germany classifies their work visa and permanent residency system by EU national/non-EU national. Obviously, if you are an EU national you have unrestricted access to the German business and labor market and of course, freedom of movement. In other words, EU citizens can work and stay in Germany as they wish.

Non-EU nationals (and non-Swiss and non-EEA nationals) who want to work and reside in Germany have many options too. Such as, applying as, qualified professionals, highly qualified workers, Researchers, self-employed persons, job-seekers, intra corporate transfer, and finally the EU Blue Card.

Family Reunification is another type of residency, like most European countries with many immigrants, Germany provides.

Who Can Apply for Germany Immigration?

Purpose of your application and your qualifications determine exactly which residence permit you can apply for.

After receiving a job offer and meet the general conditions, you can apply for a residence permit as a qualified professional. If you are a scientist with special technical knowledge, or a scientific teaching personnel, you can apply as a highly qualified worker and may get an open-ended residence permit immediately. Researchers who can secure a specific minimum monthly net income, either by grants, salary or savings, you may apply and get a residence permit.

If you are an employee of a corporate company with a German branch, you can apply as an intra-corporate transfer and get an ICT card. If there is an economical interest, or a regional need, you can get a residence permit as a self-employed person.  The person who has a degree from a German higher education program or institution, depending on their qualifications they can apply as a job-seeker and get a residence permit from six months up to a year.

Germany Permanent Residence

As a non-EU national, if you have had a residence permit for five years and you can be entitled to a “settlement permit” or permanent residence permit.

Where and How to Apply?

The Aliens Authority Office is the government office qualified to handle residence permits.

Procedure and Required Documents for Germany Immigration

To get a residence permit, you have to first satisfy general conditions. Which means, you need to have a passport, and documents stating you have sufficient funds during your stay.  The Aliens Authority Office is the government office who can inform you on the further required documents if you are qualified.

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