How to find a Job in Bahrain? See The Quickest Way To Find Job

How to find a Job in Bahrain? See The Quickest Way To Find Job

Bahrain is one of richest Arabic country located in United Arabic Peninsula. There are many of employees who come to Bahrain to work from both Asia and Europe.

The person who wants to work in Bahrain, have to find sponsor company in order to get work and resident permit.

How to find a Job in Bahrain

In order to find a good job in Bahrain, you need to apply websites of the companies located in Bahrain. After you find sponsor company, then you can get work permits with their invitations.

For job application, you should send great CV  and cover letter. This is so important.

You can check how to prepare great cv here.

The person who has sufficient English can go and work in Bahrain easily. Just you need to make an application and wait for the answer.

It is not very difficult to find jobs in this country. Because, ther are a lot of companies especially in real estate and finance industries. But because of expensive life in Bahrain, it is hard to get a lot of money and save the money.

Websites used to find jobs in Bahrain;

What Kind of Workers Are Needed in Bahrain?

You can see the most wanted business areas in Bahrain below;

  • Tourism Sector: Bahrain is more comfortable than other Arabic countries. So that, especally in the weekends, so many people from Saudi Arabia come to Bahrain for entertainment. They are interested in especially nightlife and social life.

Bahrain country is groving with especially tourism. Because, unlike other Arabic countries; people can drink alcohol in hotels and bars. Woman can wear whatever they want.

  • Service Industry: This business area brings the most money. But this sector’s workers earn lesser money than others. Usually people from India, Pakistan, Middle Easte work in this area. It is the business area that needs the most workers.
  • Construction Industry: Most of Turkish people and some Asian coutries’ people work in this area. There are too many infrastructure constructions, bridge, highway projects, social facilities, factories, skyscrapers and housing projects. It is possible to see Turkish investors in many fields. The most needed workers in these companies are the civil engineer, architect, technician, master head, moulder, tiler, furniture maker, electrician and cook.

Bahrain Holidays;

  • Christmas Day (1 January)
  • Labor Day (1 May)
  • Feast of Ramadan (Changes every year)
  • Feast of Sacrifice (Changes every year)
  • Hijri New Year Day (Changes every year)
  • Ashura Holiday (Changes every year)
  • Muhammad’s birthday (Changes every year)
  • Bahrain National Day Holiday (16 December)

We have tried to give detailed information about “Bussines Life” and “How to find a Job in Bahrain“.

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