How to Find a Job In France? Easiest Way to Find Your Dream Job

How to Find a Job In France? Easiest Way to Find Your Dream Job

Many foreigners want to work in France. If you are looking for a job as a foreigner in France, there are two things to do first: get to know yourself and understand the labor market. If you have completed them, you can find some suggestions that will help you find a job below.

How to Find a Job In France?

European Business Mobility Portal

If you are coming from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you can look for a job through the European Business Mobility Portal. Join the business fairs organized by EURES.

Career fairs are also an excellent way to learn about current jobs and opportunities. Employers from many companies participate in this fair. Bring your resume and impress employers. Entries are usually free of charge.

French National Employment Agencies

Pole Emploi and APEC (Agence Pour l’Emploi De Cadres) are national employment agencies in France. Pole Emploi helps you for all kinds of business including unqualified and casual. You can find Pole Emploi all over France.

APEC is run by representatives of employers and labor unions. That’s why it is mainly for professional and managerial work.


There are job adverts for job seekers in newspapers such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération and Le Point. The web based magazine FUSAC also has many job adverts. Foreigners prefer it mostly, because it is English. Look at the message boards in some libraries. Sometimes they have really good job opportunities.

Employment Agencies

One of the best way to find a job in France is the employment agencies. When they guide you, you can get your dream job more easily. There are many different agencies like Aquent, GBO Human Resources, Manpower Paris, Adecco, Ples Convergence, Jobtransport, Yves Marie Consultants, APEC, Charette Service, Modelor, Monster, Randstad, Keljob, Cadre Emploi, Glass Door.

Some Specialized Websites by Sectors

  • Agriculture:,,,
  • Architecture- building:
  • Bank:,,,
  • Business:,
  • Catering:,
  • Computing:
  • Craft:
  • Environment:,
  • Health and Care:
  • Industry:
  • Sport:,
  • Science:,
  • Transportation:,


Another common job finding tool is your acquaintances. In France, job seekers often use newspapers, the Internet and employment agencies. But you can find a job easier by using your relationships and contacts. If you have contacts in companies, it will be much faster to reach vacant positions than others.

Linkedin and Viadeo help you interact with professional acquaintances. If you are still not a member of these sites, register now. You can find thousands of jobs posting here. But make a strong profile and reference before you apply.

Additionally, joining a professional network group, such as the European Professional Women’s Network (PWN) or the Lunch Club, can also accelerate the process of finding jobs.

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