How to Find a Job in Hong Kong? Job Advertisements in Hong Kong

How to Find a Job in Hong Kong. Job Advertisements in Hong Kong

Looking for how to secure a befitting job in Hong Kong? We have written extensively about this question in this article. Since Hong Kong is one of the best places to live as an expat, is it god to know how best you can secure a job for yourself so as to fit in with the high cost of things in the city.

Among all good reasons to advance your career or find a job in HK is the fact that the city places low tax rates on workers even when they still earn bountiful salaries. However, getting a job in Hong Kong is not so easy for a foreigner especially.

As a pro tip on how to find a job in Hong Kong, we’ll advise you ensure your resume/CV is up to date. Also, you can decide to look out for jobs manually by visiting many companies/firms around and submitting your credential anytime there is a call for recruitment.

But, while manually seeking for jobs in HK would be somewhat very stressful, there are quite some agencies that can help you apply for jobs easily. Anyway, you may also have to brush up your Curricular Vitae to fit with the local Hong Kong format; this may be helpful when you’re applying to a home-based organization.

How to find a job in Hong Kong

As we are now in the digital world, something’s and most tiring processes has been simplified. Below are some helpful tips to secure a well-paying job in Hong Kong.

Stick with recruitment firms (local and international)

There are quite some reliable/domiciliary recruitment firms to help to get a job quickly. These firms include Michael Page, Hayes, Hudson, Adecco, Gemini, and Robert Walters; their offices are all over strategic places in Hong Kong city.

With any of these firms, you’ll be well guided through the processes of attaining various kinds of jobs in Hong Kong.

LinkedIn can help anyway

LinkedIn is far away from being just a social media, it is one of the most reliable platforms to view and apply for jobs all over the world. This platform can help when looking for how to find a job in Hong Kong because you’ll get to meet with Hong Kong CEO’s and discuss with them directly.

Review your CV/Resume

When you don’t have a professional CV, you may not be among the top choices of Hong Kong employers during recruitment. In making your CV or resume to look professional, also endeavor to tailor your references to suit the job type you’re applying for.

Move on to learn about the Hong Kong specific facts on job applications, and integrate them of salary into your CV. In HK, CV and resume are addressed as the same.

Maybe you should learn Mandarin and Cantonese

While waiting to be employed, try to improve yourself in various ways. One of these should be to learn Mandarin and Cantonese; these are two famous indigenous languages Hong Kong locals speak. Who knows, you may receive a call-up letter to work in a firm where knowledge of any or both of these languages is required.

What more?

Let’s say you already live in Hong Kong for a couple of years (maybe as a student or so). Here are some of the places/websites/platforms to look for a job in Hong Kong;

  • Jobs DB
  • Career Jet
  • ESL Employment

Also, newspapers like “South China Morning Post”, “Wall Street Journal”, and “Career Times” may be of help on how to find a job in Hong Kong.

In order to get more information about how to find a job in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to write us from below comment box.

In order Employers to see your information and contact you, you can write your skills, occupation and e-mail adress to below comment box.

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