How To Find A Job In Kazakhstan?

How To Find A Job In Kazakhstan?

Travelling to Kazakhstan with the intention of finding a job would require you to be extremely lucky to land one on your first trip. If you are a native English speaker it would be an asset, and would be a stepping stone in getting a job as a teacher. You may have to know how to find a job in Kazakhstan before you embark on that endeavor. One of the most readily available jobs is for English teachers. If you have the qualifications and the experience that is one area you could land a job.

How To Find A Job In Kazakhstan

Get local contacts

Arranging a work permit from outside of Kazakhstan could be quite an arduous task. Getting some help from those in Kazakhstan would help and is one of way to know on how to find a job in Kazakhstan. Whatever jobs that would be available would go to the locals and only if suitable candidates are difficult to find would the employer look beyond.

There are some websites where you could be apprised of the jobs that are available in Kazakhstan. Keeping a close watch and finding the right one when a vacancy occurs would be a prudent way to proceed. Even in such a context it would be easier for a local company to arrange a work permit. If you are to do so it would take a long time and is a near impossibility.

Find jobs online

The jobs that are available would appear online in the various websites that are specializing within Kazakhstan. These jobs would be offered first to locals and only then would it be offered for others. Online websites like www.justlanded  and www.visahunter are just two where you could look on how to find a job in Kazakhstan. Limiting yourself to only these two would not be prudent, hence look elsewhere too.

Online jobs could be some of the high profile jobs which would be for qualified professionals which cannot be filled by locals. If you have the required qualification and experience you could stand a chance.

Seeking out job agencies

Like anywhere else there are bona fide job agencies where you could find some very good jobs. Jobs in the gas and oil sectors are available as they are specialized vacancies. These are areas where local expertise would be wanting. The oil and gas industry is the biggest contributor to Kazakhstan’s economy. They need highly qualified and experienced personnel and it is internationally that they could find them.

These jobs could be applied even when you are resident outside as they need the expertise and you would know how to find a job in Kazakhstan in such categories. You may have to keep a close eye on the industry that you work in. And when a vacancy occurs, apply. This would give you a head start to succeed in a lucrative job in keeping with your expertise. There are jobs a aplenty in Kazakhstan but you would need to pick it up when it is out.

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