How to Find a Job in Kuwait? Job Advertisements in Kuwait

How to Find a Job in Kuwait? Job Advertisements in Kuwait

Before looking for how to find a job in Kuwait, you need to know some basic things about the country. Well, Kuwait is an Arab country situated on the Persian Gulf. Its neighboring countries are Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Also, the official language of Kuwaiti is Arabic. However, most expats in the land communicate with English.

There are quite a lot of job opportunities in Kuwait, especially teaching of English language. If you’re seeking for a job in Kuwait, you could go through recruitment agencies or through indigenous job portals/forums.

Currently, the unemployment rate in Kuwait is at its lowest percentage; this shows that every eligible job seeker would definitely get a befitting job in Kuwait. Before you could work in Kuwait, you must have a work visa. So, if you’ve got the permit to work in Kuwait, below are helpful tips to help you secure employment as soon as possible.

How to find a job in Kuwait

Make a professional resume/ cv

As a foreigner, your resume/CV is highly required before you can be employed to work in Kuwait. Your resume should contain a brief overview of your previous work and educational experiences. Then, your CV (curriculum vitae) has to be professionally formatted.

Learn to speak Arabic

Arabic is the official language of Kuwaitis. Therefore, many companies in this country prefer employees who can read, write, and converse fluently using Arabic. Besides, learning the Arabic language will even draw you more closely to the locals here and learn about their culture.

Not being able to read, write or converse with Arabic will limit your chances of employment in Kuwait.

Recruitment agencies / Job search engines

In almost all countries of the world, there are usually agencies or specific search engines that help job seekers scan through the various daily job opportunities. In Kuwait, there are reputable 3rd party agencies/ platforms you can engage with to get jobs faster. These agencies or search engines include;

  • Career Hunters
  • Monster Gulf –
  • Bayt
  • SOS Recruitment
  • Gulf Job Sites
  • Al-Shaya
  • Gulf Jobs Market

These platforms are places you could visit every day and check out for new job offers in Kuwait. The process of finding a job becomes easier when you utilize any of these platforms.

If you are still going to ask for how to find a job in Kuwait, maybe you should try LinkedIn.

There are specific search engines that expose education expats to the various teaching opportunities in Kuwait.

  • ESL Employment
  • Total ESL
  • ESL Cafe
  • Tesall
  • Footprints Recruiting

Manual search

Alternatively, (sometimes the best step to take) you can manually search out jobs by following the adverts on the streets. Also, some newspapers publish job opportunities every day; you could stick to these newspapers and follow up the written instructions to apply for jobs when you’ve found them.

How to apply for jobs in Kuwait

As an expat, you may want to apply through a recruitment agency which is sometimes the best way to apply for jobs in Kuwait.

Nevertheless, some employers request you come personally, present yourself, get interviewed before considering your employment.

We want to believe you won’t ask the internet “How to find a job in Kuwait” again.

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