How to Find a Job in Netherlands. Easiest Way to Find Best Job

How to Find a Job in Netherlands. Easiest Way to Find Best Job

Finding a job in Netherlands is not so much different than finding a job in another European country. Of course, there are regulations and visa and permit requirements regarding foreign workers but finding a job in Netherlands is somewhat easier than most European countries.

Thankfully there are a lot of expat offices and recruitment agencies for foreigners who have come to Netherlands to look for a job. Also, there are a lot of big multinational Dutch corporations which are usually very welcome to international employees.

If you are worried about how to find a job in Netherlands don’t be! Because Netherlands has a very low unemployment rate, a stable economy, a well-educated population, 21 percent of whom are foreign or ethnic minorities, so you will have no trouble blending in.

Language Barrier and How It Affects Your Job Hunt

Nearly 80 percent of the Dutch population speak advanced level English. Which is a huge advantage for foreigners at start. However, if you can’t speak Dutch, your employment options will be somewhat limited. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a job in Netherlands unless you speak some level of Dutch. But it sure can limit your options.

Obviously Speaking Dutch can go a long way. If you can already speak English and German that means you already have a solid foundation. Studies show that native German speakers and/or people with basic level German grammar knowledge have an easier time mastering Dutch language. Add some English to the mixture and you’re golden.

If you are one of, what is classified as “highly skilled workers” finding a job in the Netherlands will be easier for you.

How to Find a Job in Netherlands – Getting Started

There are a lot of options regarding how to find a job in Netherlands. However, the job market is very competitive. The internet is obviously the fastest tool you can use for your job hunt but of course you can also use the old school approach and buy newspapers and check out job advertisements.


If you are actively searching for a job, most of the job search websites offer daily CV updates to get your CV noticed and/or daily alerts that include available jobs matching your CV and your criteria.


Newspapers, on the other hand, being a dated method of job search do not offer additional options like above. However, newspapers can be a real asset in your job hunt. In bus and train stations, you can find the free Dutch newspaper that publishes job advertisements. You can usually find other employment options that you cannot find on the internet.

All things considered, it can be a second place you are looking for a job, while waiting to hear from the companies you have found online. Our advice for you is to use both internet and newspapers.


There are also other options, such as public employment service and private employment agencies. Public employment service plays a very important role in the Dutch job market. Many Dutch companies use private employment agencies to find new recruits.

Lastly, our final advice regarding how to find a job in Netherlands would be for you to use all the methods above like the internet, the newspaper ads, government employment services and private agencies and maximize your options.

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