How to find a job in Qatar? Quickest Way to Find Job

How to find a job in Qatar? Quickest Way to Find Job

Qatar is one of the richest country in the world. There are too many expatriates who are coming from Europe, America and Asia to work in this country.

If you want to work in this country but do not know how to find a job in Qatar, you can find all information in this article.

How to find a job in Qatar?

There are many ways to find a job in Qatar. But in all the methodes, you need to prepare great CV before apply any job in Qatar. You can see how to prepare best CV here.

After preparing your CV, you need to check job opportunities in Qatar. There are too many jobs for all kind of people in Qatar.

Qatar offers highest income to the employees from all kind of skills. Both blue and white collar wokers can find jobs in Qatar easily. You can see all the job opportunities from below article;

Job Opportunities in Qatar. Work and Live in Qatar..

You can see the way of finding best job for yourself below;

Find a job by using recruitment offices

There are many reqrutiment offices both in Qatar and other countries.

These companies have contact information of the employers in Qatar and find the best candidates who are looking for a job in Qatar.

You can prepare your CV and send it to these companies. They can do everything for you and find the best job suits your skills and education.

Here are the best reqruitment offices in Qatar;

  • Air Resource
  • CBSbutler Qatar
  • Edge Water Manpower Recruitment Wll
  • Global Professional Services WLL
  • Indo Arab Manpower Recruitment Consultancy
  • Management Solutions International Qatar
  • Matrix HR Solutions
  • NES Global Talent
  • Staff Source International
  • Velosi Group
  • 1recruit International
  • Linum Consult

Find a job by using sponsorship

All the workers need to find a sponsor to work in Qatar. These sponsors can be a company or a local person who lives in Qatar.

Most difficult thing is to find a sponsor who supports you. After finding a sponsor for yourself, everything becomes easier.

All the reqruitment offices listed above can offer sponsor for you. But this is paid servis and you need to pay money for that.

Thare are some sponsorhip companies in Qatar. They find job for you and arrange all the documentation such as work and residence permit, find the job, arrange rentals for accomodation, opening bank account…

If you want to find a sponsor for yourself, you can contact these reqruitment offices or companies you want to work in.

Find a job by using web

In the internet, there are lots of job advertisements which you can apply online and wait for the response.

Here are the some web sites which you can use them for this purpose;


Difficulties to work in Qatar?

Work abroad is not easy and employees need to know working conditions in Qatar before job application.

  • You must be accustomed to work in hot whether conditions. Because you’ll have to work at 50 santigrad degree in Qatar.
  • You’ll probably be working at a higher salary rate than you earn in your country. Because of high living standards, you will not want to return. So that, you should not leave someone you will miss in your country.
  • Employees have to speak Arabic or English. One of these languages is must.
  • You should definitely go to Qatar first and see the country conditions. Because, culture and country rules are completely different than other countries.

For more information about living and working in Qatar, you can visit below article.

Work and Live in Qatar..

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