How to Find a Job in Russia. Job Advertisements in Russia

How to Find a Job in Russia. Job Advertisements in Russia

How to find a job in Russia? Maybe not only in Russia but getting a job as a foreigner in a certain new region, city or country can be challenging. In this post, we have got the resources from where you can search out jobs and apply.

Some people will choose to move around by themselves and look out for vacancy posters and advertisements on street walls. Hitherto, manually searching for jobs seems to be the best; however, the advent of technology has made things easier.

Now, you can simply stay at a place and access so many job opportunities over the internet. Also, you can engage with some reputable Russian recruitment agencies to help you find job opportunities faster.

In order not to spend much time on not-so-important talks, let’s head straight to our topic. So, how can one find a job in Russia? Okay, below are resourceful clues/guides you should follow to harness with companies looking out for workers. It’s just a few points but they are the best means to get what you want in Russia.

How to find a job in Russia

Manual check

You can actually check out for job offers by yourself by hitting the streets and searching for vacancy posters. However, this method is quite tiring and very stressful.

Stick with recruitment agencies

Every country or city has specific recruitment agencies who help job seekers to search through the various available jobs within a region or country. In Russia, there are quite some agencies that can help you apply for jobs which are in line with your discipline or career.

Employment agencies like Antal services and A.S wellas are top-rated organizations that can help you secure any kind of job in Russia. As a foreigner, you could stick to any of these platforms while searching for a work in Russia. G-nius Russia is also among the top agencies to help you seek for vacancies in Russia.

Engage with Russian job forums

Also, there are some native job forums in Russia that you can visit always to keep in touch with regular job updates in Russia. How to find a job in Russia is actually not as difficult as expats may think. Even so, it is reported that expats in Russia are the wealthiest in the sense that they earn good salaries.

These Russian forums are user-friendly; you’ll meet with other expats, locals, and even employers looking out for employees.

Brush up your CV

Since your curricular vitae (CV) is the thing you need as a job seeker, it is advisable to make it look the way Russian employers want it to be. However, in most cases, your CV format may not be a hindrance to getting you a job.

Every region of the world has a format which they follow. Look out for the Russians CV format and blend yours.

What more?

Still not clear on how to get a job in Russia? Alright, these are a few job portals to visit daily;

  • The Moscow Times Career Centre
  • Jobs in Moscow
  • The Moscow Expat Site
  • Xpat Jobs
  • Indeed
  • IRR
  • JobRapido
  • Penny Lan
  • Go Go Jobs
  • ExpatRu
  • CareerJet
  • Indeed
  • Headhunter
  • SuperJob

In order to get more information about how to find a job in Russia, do not hesitate to write us from below comment box.

In order Employers to see your information and contact you, you can write your skills, occupation and e-mail adress to below comment box.

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  1. Yvone Vimbai Chali says

    Iam an insurance Risk Manager with over 15 years of experience and looking for a job and relocating to Russia

  2. Arun kumar Chauhan says

    Dear, sir or madam
    I’m searching a job as a Supervisor Hydrojetting, Bolt Torqueing,Hydro test, Pipifitter, in Russia in oil & gas field. And doing current time job in Saudi Arabia such as in Saudi Aramco & Sabic petrochemicals contract base from 12 August 2019 continue and I have also experience from India 3 years 2015 to 2018 in Indian company such as* Indian oil corporation limited, and Reliance Industry limited *

  3. Kamalesh Kumar says

    My name is kamalesh looking for job in Russia with good knowledge of accounts as collection executive having done with a professional diploma in mechanical and have also working experience in both need to move up to Russia for job that deserves me.

  4. Mathew Emeka Osuji says

    I have work experience in Machines Maintenance and project management. I need a job to start Career in Russia

  5. Khadija says

    I have English teaching experience and would like to teach English and learn Russian.

  6. Sahib ul islam says

    Hello I’m a pizza burger chef I want job for fast food

  7. Sanish Sasi says

    I am Graduate in BA economics with 10+ years of experience mostly in finance sector Recovery Collection department aged 35 . Looking for an opportunity in Russia.

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