How To Find A Job In UK?

How To Find A Job In UK?

Finding a job in the UK has some difficulties, as in any other country. However, the unemployment rate is 5% lower than in other EU countries. But main problem is how to find a job in UK.

We have tried to give a brief information about this here.

How To Find A Job In UK?

State and Private Companies

First of all, I can say that both state and private companies are very helpful in this issue. In the UK, the Employment Agency works under the Ministry of Education and Labor ministries. The purpose of this institution is to try to find jobs for unemployed people. The Employment Agency helps people in two ways:

– First, the authorities find jobs in accordance with the qualifications of the unemployed, inform them and send the person to the job interview.

– The second is self-service. In other words, people can find suitable jobs.

How Can Job Centers Help Me?

The Employment Agency has units called “Job Centers”. These units offer job opportunities to unemployed people by applying many training programs. These programs offer advice to young people aged 18-24, or people over the age of 25, who require a 2-year or more job search permit. It provides them with support, training and direct work experience. Employment Centers often find jobs that are low paid and unskilled.

Some large companies in UK also recruit Head hunters and consultancy companies for recruitment. Head hunters hire managers and experts. Consulting companies are more interested in unqualified staff.

Some consulting companies also provide temporary staff. These companies, which act as bridges between workers and employers, do not usually receive registration fees from workers. However, if the worker is placed in a suitable work, they receive a commission of 1-4 months.

Some consulting companies also operate as employers. They hire workers to companies. The employees receive salary from the brokerage company, not from the company they work with. In such cases, an hourly wage is paid to the staff, and if a member is satisfied with a certain period of trial, then he starts to give the employee a paid leave.

When most people become unemployed, they register to the state employment agencies. They also try their chances to register for private consultancy companies. Keep in mind that private consulting companies are more concerned with qualified workers.

Other alternatives to find a job in England

If you still cannot find a job after applying to these institutions, We recommend you to try the Internet, newspapers and magazines, or the career fairs that often focus on a particular sector. If you still can’t find work, do not panic, the UK pays unemployment benefits.

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  2. fayie says

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