How to Get Visa For Dubai? Work Permit and Resistance Permit..

How to Get Visa For Dubai? Work Permit and Resistance Permit..

What are the visa requirements for working in Dubai? Which documents are need in order to get work and residence permits in Dubai?

How to Get Visa For Dubai

If you are going to live in Dubai and you are not a US citizen, you must have a resident visa.

If you are going to work in Dubai, you should do your visa arrangements by your employer and explain to you what documents you will need for visa application.

In order to get a residence visa, you must have your medical examinations or obtain a health card from a private hospital.

In general, residence permits valid for three years are not given to citizens over 50 years of age. If you will go with your family members, you need to get a family visa. This will help you sponsor your family members.

Restricted Countries;

Any contact with Israel, including an Israeli entry stamp on your passport, will prevent you from entering the United Emirates.

When you are in Dubai, your ID card must always be on your side. There is a control to detect illegal workers and may ask for your credentials. Your work and residence permits can be checked.

Dubai Residence Permit and Work Visa

You can easily obtain Dubai residence and work visa by confirming your sponsor. Your job will be difficult if your employer or sponsor does not approve you. Your employer needs some documentation to obtain work and residence permits.

Required Documents for Dubai Visa:

  • Copy of colored passport
  • Sponsor’s passport (residence permit must be stamped)
  • 4 Passport photos.
  • Sponsor’s Emirate’s ID card.
  • Bank IBAN no
  • If there is a certified marriage certificate
  • A copy of the lease
  • The original DEWA bill or deposit receipt
  • For your Dubai residence permit, you will also need a document showing that you have lived there for six months.

Necessary documents for visa should be approved by your sponsor. Expect this:

  • Complete your health checks,
  • Receive your approved vaccination cards,

You will need medical documentations. If your body encounters a contagious disease or any virus, it will be impossible to get a visa.

After all the checks and confirmation of your required documents, you will be entitled to a visa and you will get the documents below;

  • Passport and photo
  • Stamp entry permit
  • A copy of the lease
  • A copy of the Dewa invoice or deposit receipt
  • Health tests and Emirat ID application form
  • Copy of sponsor passport and residence permit
  • Copy of the consul’s contract
  • Sponsorun EID card’s original
  • Authentic and authentic translation of the luggage

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