How To Prepare Great CV or Resume? Learn The Best Way!

How to Prepare Great CV or Resume

Many of us think Resume or CV is the same, however there is a difference between two of those.

But, what is the difference?

  • Resume – Business life of US uses resume. It consists one page generally.

Tip for Resume: While preparing, be sure not to have too long resume. It is enough to mention a brief of experiences and education life.

  • CV (curriculum vitae) – CV comes from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Rather than one page, CV consists two or more than two pages. You should write your working and education experiences deeply.

Tip for CV: Although you prepare detailed CV, it isn’t a novel. So, you should determine the length of your CV. Too much pages might be boring.

What should a Resume / CV cover?

After searching, reading many job announcements, Well done! You find the most suitable one in the Middle East region. Keep in mind that, it slightly better to have a detailed and informative CV because most of the Middle East company prefers that. On the other hand sometimes, it depends on the company.

You should read the vacancy announcement, companies might state the required format.

Otherwise, read the below steps:

  • Contact Information:On the top of your Resume / CV you should write your personal contact information such as; name, phone number, address, and email address.
  • Professional Experience: This is the most important part because the reader will read the other parts of your Resume / CV if they are interested in your job experiences.

Professional Experience section includes; the name of the company, the dates of your employment and descriptive paragraph which consists your achievements during your experiences.

Tip for Professional Experience: Start to mention your experiences from the latest to the oldest one.

  • Education:From primary school to the latest education. You should indicate all your education life.
  • Certificates & Diplomas:If you have too many certificates or diplomas it is better to choose the best relevant ones to the job you would apply for. This section can include; courses, seminars, congresses or conferences you attended and don’t forget to add honor certificates if you have.
  • Languages: This part is very important especially when you apply for an international job. Specify the languages you speak with your speaking level. Advance, intermediate or beginner. This three of them are the most used ones.

Tip for Languages: Tip for Languages: In this section, mention your levels of translation, speaking or writing separately in each language you speak.

  • Computer Skills:All of the programs, applications, database programs internet usage etc.. In this section, indicate your knowledge level of computer skills as well.
  • Interests:Although you apply for a job, career hunters also interest with your hobbies and what you do during your leisure times. Thus, don’t forget to write your hobbies.


  • It isn’t an artistic page nor a magazine page. Your Resume / CV should have a classic style. Use a simple font Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri and font size should be between 10 – 12 regarding the font style you choose.
  • Bold titles and no abbreviations. No need to sign your Resume / CV and put a date.
  • Must have spell check and keep in mind that your mother tongue isn’t English so that for the last control ask one of your English friend to read your Resume / CV. Guarantee that there isn’t any mistake.
  • No longer we need to print Resume /CV, mailing almost always is enough. On the contrary, if you need to print out your Resume / CV you should get original copy, don’t wait a good reputation if you send photocopy.
  • Have simple but also detailed CV. Readers can find all the information they need easily.
  • You need to apply many job announcements, so it is better to save a base of Resume / CV. Thus, you can make changes easily.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter?

A cover letter show how you are qualified for that job and your interest for that job. It is the beginning of your Resume / CV. While preparing a cover page, you make sure that it is attractive, so readers be eager to read your Resume / CV.

The format of a cover letter

  • Header– Write your personal information; address and other necessary personal information. Plus, recipient’s contact information is essential as well. Plus, specify the day of sending.

Now you can start your cover letter with a salutation. Dear Hiring Manager is an option.

  • Introduction– In this first section, you need to mention which job announcement you apply for. You need to catch the job hunter’s attention.
  • Body– Why are you interest in that job position and how are you valuable for that position are the questions you need to write answers in body section. Additionally, if you need to add any important issue such as the date you can start working, you need to mention in this paragraph.
  • Closing– The sum up section. This section includes your intentions to contact with hiring manager. You can end your cover letter with saying; I will look forwards to hearing from you. Also, don’t forget to write valediction such as, Sincerely and sign your cover letter. ENCL, is an optional abbreviation which refers that your cover letter has enclosures.

We have tried to give information about How to Prepare Great CV or Resume”.

Now you can ceck job opportunites abroad and apply any of them as you wish.

If you need more information, you can reach us from below comments box.

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