Job Opportunities In Bahrain. Most Earning Jobs

Job Opportunities In Bahrain. Most Earning Jobs

What are general living expenses, salaries for foreigners working in Bahrain? Cultural and economic  information and most earning job opportunities in Bahrain…

General Information and Social Life in Bahrain

Bahrain is directed with sharia. But it is more liberal than other Arabic countries.

Tourism and finance sectors draw many foreign tourist and business man to Bahrain.

Half of the country’s population consists of foreign workers, Americans and Europeans. There are 3 types of people in the country. Rich Arabic people, colonist English and Americans and workers from Asia and Middle East.

Bahrain’s woman usually wear chador but you can easily see Asian and European woman who wear mini skirt or short sleeve t-shirts.

While eating, Bahraini women lift their veils with one hand and eat under the veil with the other hands.

They buy beautiful and expensive clothes but when are they wearing, nobody knows.

Arabic peaople from other countries come to Bahrain because  they can’t do everything in their own country. For example, drink alcohol, wear bikini and mini skirt…

Before buying anything, you must bargain first.

The traffic is quite comfortable. Everybody obey the rules.

The official language of the country is Arabic, but speaking English is enough to live there.

General Living Expenses in Bahrain

Life is quite expensive in Bahrain. The currency of the country is also very valuable. (1 Bahrain Dinar=3 USA Dollar.)

Bahrain house rent is too expensive. It starts between 500-750 Usd and rises to 9000 Usd.

If someone don’t go out and unless he has nightlife, he can live spending around 1000-1500 usd per month.

Bahrain tender many shopping opportunities for people. Kitchen and house expenses average between 400-500 Dollars.

Transport is cheap in Bahrain, because petrol and gas are cheap. Transport is provided private cars. Expats and tourists usually rent a car with or without a driver. Bus price is quite cheap to someone want to use bus.

There is orange taxi. Orange taxi look function as our yellow taxi. And there is yellow taxi. Many people can get on together.

Shortly, you don’t pay very much price for transportation. You an pend maximum $ 100 a month for transportation.

You can pay of 50-100 Usd a month of bills.

In general, monthly expenses are around $ 1,500 for single and basic life.

Salaries In Bahrain

Foreigners can get money according to their skills, job and education levels. Especially who comes from Asia, are working under appalling conditions and they earn less than others. (Between 200-300 Dollars.)

These workers are living in factory’s dorm or workers’ camp. Workers’ camp reside in suburbans.

Salaries in Bahrain vary from company to company.

Workers with no skill can get average 300 – 1000 usd.

Mid level technicians can get 1.000 – 2.000 usd

Engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers can get 2.000 – 6.000 usd

High level managers can get more than 8.000 – 10.000 usd average.

Job Opportunities In Bahrain

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines while workers from the who has been working in the construction and services sectors.

Both infrastructure, bridge, highway projects, as well as social facilities, factories, skyscrapers and housing projects, many workers are needed.

Tourism is another important area to work especially in the hotels.

The most needed positions are the civil engineer, architect, technician, technician, master head, moulder, tiler, furniture maker, electrician, cook.

Requirements For Bahrain

  • Workers need to have a valid passport for at least 6 months to go to Bahrain.
  • Workers must get residence permit and work permit to work.
  • Speaking English or Arabic language is moing in order to communicate with someone.

We have tried to give information about job opportunities in Bahrain.

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