Job Opportunities In Dubai. Most Earning Jobs

Job Opportunities In Dubai. Most Earning Jobs

What are the job opportunities in Dubai? How to find work in Dubai? What is the cost of general living expenses? Dubai cultural and economic information…

Dubai Country Conditions

Dubai is the second largest country in the United Arab Emirates. It is known as the main city of the Emirate of Dubai and is divided into 9 sectors. There are 138 communities, each of which is divided into communities and whose boundaries are the main roads.

Foreigners living in the country live in the Jumeirah area where international schools and quality accommodation options are available.

Large construction projects, impressive skyscrapers and high-tech buildings are increasing day by day.

The majority of the population is from the South and Southeast Asia, mostly from the population of expats. The citizens of the Emirates constitute only 20% of the total population.

90% of the country is desert, and mountains are located in the east. The landmass of the Emirate is about 77000 km2.

Dubai does not use oil for its income.

Dubai is important as a port and trade center and has been attracting the attention of western trade. There are developing banking and financial centers in the port area. Dubai has an exploding real estate market that is supported by the government’s strategy of diversifying tourism and service industries.

Extensive projects created entirely on man-made islands can be recognized worldwide.

General Living Expenses in Dubai

Dubai is an expensive country because of its comfortable living standards and high income levels. If you want to go to Dubai and you want to work in Dubai, you need to have money to live there.

Here are the average living expenses in Dubai;

  • House rent starts from 800 USD and it rises 3400 USD for 1 room standard appartment flat.
  • House bill is average 150-250 USD.
  • Food, transport, night life 1000 – 1500 UDSD
  • Other expenses 300 – 500 USD (Such as cloths )

Total average living cost in Dubai starts from 2.000 usd and rises up to 4.000 usd according to your way of life..

Job Opportunities In Dubai

Unemployment is low and variety in Dubai. It is unlikely that working in Dubai would be economically rewarding, unless you have a professional qualification and sufficient experience.

Difficult and unskilled jobs will be quickly taken by workers who are ready to accept extremely low salaries.

There are very variety job and able to find a work many sector in Dubai.

The major industrial works in the UAE are:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Boat construction and ship repair
  3. Build
  4. Fishing
  5. Crafts and Textiles
  6. Petroleum and Petrochemicals.

Among the growth sectors of the Emirates are:

1. Advertising, Market Research, Public Relations (PR), Media and Entertainment
2. Education
3. Engineering, construction and real estate
4. Health service
5. Hospitality and tourism
6. Telecom retail, trade and logistics
7. Manufacturing, automotive and auxiliary.

Some of the big companies to work with:

  1. AstraZeneca Gulf (drug)
    2. Clothing Group (retail)
    3. DHL (logistics)
    4. EMC (IT)
    5. FedEx Express (logistics)
    6. Hilton Worldwide (hospitality)
    7. Marriott (hospitality)
    8. Microsoft Gulf
    9. Omnicom Media Group MENA
    10. Slash (fashion)
    11. One (retail)
    12. DHL (logistic)

Average Salaries in Dubai

Salaries vary from place to place.

White collar university graduated people can get average 4.000 – 5.000 usd. (But generally European and American people get much more than this and Asian are paid lesser.

For the blue collar workers, average minimum wage starts from 500 usd and reaches to 2.000 usd according to their skills.

We have tried to give information about salaries and job opportunities in Dubai.

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