Job Opportunities in France For Foreigners

What Is The Job Opportunities in France For Foreigners?

There are about 1.7 million foreign workers in France. While some of these foreigners are qualified, most of them go to France to find work. What kind of jobs can these foreigners find in France? Here we go.

Job Opportunities in France


You will find many opportunities to work in farms and wine gardens. Because one of the most important sectors of France is wine production.

You should start looking for work in late August. They usually give priority to those who are currently registered with the Employment Agency and who still benefit from unemployment insurance.

Waiters or Restaurant Workers

There are many restaurants and cafes on the list of the largest job opportunities in France. Especially in city centers, many cafes are looking for a waiter who knows foreign languages. Most of the people in Paris give 1-2 € as a tip for a cup of coffee.

Musicians and Dancers

There are also a lot of demand for musicians and dancers with a background in art. If you have experience in art, browse the websites.

Tree Surgeons

Imagine that there are over 12 billion trees in France and accidents occurred in France’s famous streets because of reforestation. Doesn’t it make sense to increase the demand for tree surgeons to reduce these security hazards?

Maintenance Technicians

There is too much demand for maintenance technicians in France. Technical employees such as welder and electrician can get a job with a monthly fee of 500-2.000 Euro. Monthly fees of those who speak English in the same professions go up to 3.000 Euros.

Child Care and House Mate

Many families in France need someone to take care of their children and do housework. If you are trying to learn French but you know English, it will be a good choice to be a nanny or “au pair”. Because in general, it is advantageous to hire someone who speaks good English, as parents want their children to learn English.

It is very important to know the basic issues about baby care. For example, you must have basic knowledge such as diaper changing, food preparation and bathing! Also, they especially prefer women for this job

Tourism Sector Employees

Another professional group that needs someone who speaks English is tour guides. Especially Paris is a wonderful tourist center. Knowing English will be a great advantage.

France welcomes tourists in both summer and winters. That’s why in summer, hotels need staff such as a waiter or guide, and they need ski instructors in winter.

English Teachers

English teachers who can speak a little French are in great demand. Usually you need a French proficiency. However, there is also a demand for English, German and Spanish languages. Because many universities and local municipalities have foreign language education.

In general terms, you do not need to receive a specific training for these jobs. Nevertheless, if you have previous experiences, it will put you in front of the others.

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