Job Opportunities In Kuwait. Most Earning Jobs

Job Opportunities In Kuwait. Most Earning Jobs

In 1990, the country has occupied by Iraq under Saddam Hussein was gained was independence by United States after seven months of war. But after the war, this country has fallen into ruin and become uninhabitable.

After the war, while the wounds to heal, a lot of foreign countries and especially of Turkey dispatched many brain migration and labor migration for construction and industry sector. Investments in the still-wounds country continue unabated and most of the employees come from Asian and European countries to work.

Petroleum and petroleum products constitute 95 percent of exports.,

This country is the seventh richest country in the world.

Social Life In Kuwait

Living conditions are quite expensive in Kuwait. Because the wealth of the country is reflected in social life.

Earnings are high but outgoings too. Small living house rent starts at 1,000 dollars. And people spend nearly 1000 dollars for foods, transport, utilities and daily life conditions. According other Arab countries, it is more comfortable and they don’t cover one’s head. It is not obligatory. It is not obligatory to fast in Ramadan. But eating and drinking on the street is not welcomed. Also restaurants are closed in Ramadan.

The sale of alcohol is forbidden in the country.

Under favour of the American employees, American culture was spread in country. Country has many American college, restaurants, cafes and American employees become socialized in these places.

The temperature is so high which it sees 50 grades in the summer and rarely descends below 30 grades in winter. For this reason, there is no life on the street. People generally choose shopping center. At shopping center, air conditioning is very powerful. Sometimes, you can feel cold. You should pay attention in order not to be ill.

Salaries In Kuwait

This country has very much American employees.

Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi and partly Turkish workers are often blue-collar workers are working in the position. However, all European and American employees, and in particular Turks, are white-collar working and upper level managerial positions in intermediate.

Those who want to go to work as a worker have to work and get a residence permit through the company they work in. Everyone can go and can’t work. Guarantor is necessary. So, somebody become who reference for you, believer to you work, necessary. This is usually the employer. Worker salary changes countries. Foreign employee’s salary starts 1500 Dollars, it rises to 3000 Dollars. White-collar employee’s salary starts between 3000-4000 Dollars.

Job Opportunities In Kuwait

As the largest source of livelihood in the country is the petrochemical sector, white-collar employees in this sector are usually either Arabs or European Americans. Workers are mostly citizens of countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, India coming from Asian countries.

Foreign employees usually work constructions sector. It is mostly preferred in areas such as master and assistant master positions, most mold, plaster, iron binding, electric-water-natural gas installation, tile and joinery works.

Apart from the construction sector, there are many employees in the tourism sector and in the food sector, such as cooks, kebabs, bakers.

Occupations such as salesmen, chauffeurs and hairdressers are also frequently seen in the service sector.

Requirements For Kuwait

  • You must have a valid passport for at least 6 months to go to Kuwait.
  • You must take residence permit and work permit to work.
  • Speaking English or Arabic language is must for at least anyone.

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