Job Opportunities in Qatar. Work and Live in Qatar..

Job Opportunities in Qatar. Work and Live in Qatar

Qatar is a where living standards are quite high and one of the richest country in world. There are many expatriate people from worldwide and they can find job opportunities in Qatar easily.

Because of high living cost, everybody have to be paid more then many of other countries. So that, people want to come to this small island country to work and save money.

Life in Qatar

Qatar is a place where you can swim in the sea or sunbathe in the beach after safari tours in desert.

Climate in Qatar is too hot and dry especially in summer season. Whether temperature is never be less than 20 santigrad degree.

Official language is Arabic but most of the people speak English.

The national cuisine has Middle Eastern foods.  Also you can find great seafood restaurants everywhere..

Alcoholic drinks are forbidden except in several hotels.

Weekend is Friday and Saturday in Qatar. Shops and grocery are closed at the time of Friday prayers.

Swimming in the bikini is not welcome in the public beaches.

Public transport is not common. Most of people have their own car or people usually use taxi. Everybody obey traffic rules and there is not much traffic jam.

Woman always wear black clothes. But man can wear everything.

Most of hospitals and schools are free. You can find many international scools for your kids.

It is forbidden to criticize rules of Emir.

General Living Expenses in Qatar

If you want to work or live in Qatar, you need to know how much you will spend monthly.

You can see general living expenses in Qatar for foreigners below; 

  • House Rents: The standard house rents start at $ 800 and rises to $ 4500.
  • Food Costs: The average kitchen purchase is around 500 – 800 dollars.
  • Transport Costs: For the public transportation, you need to spend 200-300 usd monthly.  If you want to use your own car by rent, then average rental cost is around 500 – 650 usd for the basic cars.
  • Appartment bill and internet expenses are around 100 – 150 Usd average.

If you are single and want to live in basic life, than you need at least 1.000 – 1.200 usd for a mont.

Job Opportunities in Qatar

Due to local people work as white collars or managers, there are too many job opportunities in Qatar ( Doha ), especially for citizens from Asian countries.

For the blue collar workers’ working conditions are too tough. They work in really hot whether, live in factories’ dormitories and paid lowest.

Most needed manpower from especially Asia is as follows;

  • Journeyman or master level of molder,
  • Iron binding workers,
  • Electrical line fitter,
  • Plumber,
  • Construction supervisor,
  • Shift supervisors,
  • Architects with intermediate level,
  • Mechanical engineers, Textile Engineer, Industrial Engineer,,

Apart from construction sector, workers can find a job in the oil companies, in the service industry, in jobs such as cooking, hairdressing, driver in rent a car companies or private holdings…

Salaries in Qatar

The average salaries in Qatar earned by a regular expatriate which are graduated from university ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000.

This amount can change according to employees’ education, skills, age and previous experience.

Some European and American citizens can earn 15-20 thousand USD. There is no limitation at top.

For the workers who works as blue collar in the factories are paid less and they get around 500 usd / month. These workers are living in factories’ dormitories and having their foods in the companys’ kitchens. They don’t pay anything for the accomodtion and they can save all the money they got.

We have tried to give information about bussiness life and job opportunities in Qatar.

In order Employers to see your information and contact you, please write your skills, occupation and e-mail adress to below comment box.

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