Job Opportunities in UK – England

Job Opportunities in UK – England

19 million people visit London every year, which means that hospitality is a big business in the British capital Hotels, bars, restaurants, attractions and nightclubs provide millions of job jopportunities in UK – England city center every year.  If you want to gain experience, it can be a good place to do it.

Charges in London tend to be higher than other places in the UK. London is a good place for young professionals. The population consists of an impressive number of young workers. 24% of those living in London are in the 25-34 age range. However, if you are planning to settle in rural areas and small towns, keep in mind that there are very limited business opportunities in these areas.

Job Opportunities in UK

There are 2 types of jobs for people who want to work in the UK;

  • Working full-time in corporate firms for experts in any field,
  • Working for part-time or full-time jobs for unskilled people who are going for training or who do not have any specialization.

In the first option, students, who are generally university graduates, who speak foreign languages or who are experienced in these fields, are occupied in professions such as engineer, architect, doctor, nurse, lawyer, sailor, computer engineer, electronic engineer, software developer, telecommunication expert.

People working in these professions usually work full time in corporate firms and receive a high salary. New graduates or unexperienced people start their work with an average of £ 1,500-2,000 and can get up to 4-5 thousand pounds when they experience 5-10 years.

The group mentioned in the second option consists of more unskilled workers and part-time students. These people often have that opportunities to work; kitchen staff or waiter, cleaning staff, hotel receptionist, repair worker, clerk, sales consultant or customer representative to work in the task. Those who work in this group usually receive payments on the minimum wage.

Moreover, nationals of other countries who are going to work in England have the same personal rights as British citizens. That is, the minimum wage application does not differ for foreign or indigenous people.

What are the forms of employment?

Full-time jobs: This type of work is a salaried employee in a workplace.

Part-time jobs: This type of work is especially popular with foreign students who have other jobs. Part-time jobs are often available in pubs, restaurants, shops and offices.

Temps: This concept is usually a fixed time for temporary jobs or may be intermittent. Temps recruitment is common among UK companies and it is quite easy to find such a job. Secretariat and administrative office staff are generally in high demand. These professionals can earn more money than working in a fixed contract.

Consultants and Contractors: They are freelancers who are specialized in engineering, accounting, electronics and computers. Some positions also have the ease of working from home. This is an attractive alternative for individuals seeking a better job / life balance.

Volunteer work: If you can’t get a work permit, your only legal option to work in the UK is a voluntary job (you’ll also need a visa if required).

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  1. Limpo Chipeta says

    Dear recruiters,

    I am a 27 year old Zambian lady looking for employment. My skills include but are not limited to working as an Administrator, Receptionist, Front Desk Officer, Teacher of English, Sales consultant, writer etc

    I would be so grateful and happy to hear from you, I really would.

  2. Gillian Baksh says

    My occupation – Office Administrator/Manager
    My qualifications include – Typewriting, Mathematics, English, Office Procedures, basic knowledge in Peachtree Accounting, Nurses’ Aide, Medical Admin Assistant. Currently studying Phlebotomy.

  3. christabel lumingu says

    i wish to find a suitable job which i can qualify for as an immigrant from Zambia, my interests are communication, hospitality, administrative assistant, and marketing.

  4. Tulinane Kelly Sheehama says

    My occupation – Student – BA (Hons)
    My modules include – Corporate Finance, Business Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Finance Management, Management Accounting II, Quantitative Method II, Applied Entrepreneurship Management, Corporate Governance and Management, Game Theories for Managers, Investment Analysts and Portfolio Management, Research Project, Strategic Marketing II, International Trade, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Change Management

    Contacts: 09264 818360480

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