Living and working in Hong Kong

Living and Working in Hong Kong

The conditions of living and working in Hong Kong may not be friendly to some expats. However, as time goes on, the whole community appears very friendly to you. Hong Kong is mainly a commercial city where many business firms have their headquarters.

Yeah, most people choose to relocate their headquarters to Hong Kong owing to the fact that businesses in this city pay low on taxes. Also, for employees in Hong Kong, companies do pay high depending on qualifications and years of experience.

Also, you must note that life in HK city is very expensive. Although Hong Kong is part of Mainland China, it is an autonomous city with its own government. Policies, rules and laws made by HK government are targeted to be friendly to everyone (both foreigners and local indigenes).

So, have you made a decision to move on to Hong Kong, one of the best places for business? Well, your decision is not bad at all. However, here are the things to know about Hong Kong city as a foreigner or expatriate.

Living and working in Hong Kong

There is quite a lot of cultures people practice in Hong Kong and even, foreigners are free to go on with their religions.

Cultural and religious differences in Hong Kong

The rules and laws governing the people living in this city do not include restrictions to their individual cultures and religion. When in HK, you are free to continue with your religion. However, the core religions among the occupants/inhabitants of HK city are Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism.

Nevertheless, you’ll find people practicing other religions on the streets of Hong Kong. Such as Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc.

Communication in Hong Kong

Roughly 60% of conversations between the people living and working in Hong Kong are being conversed in English. This is because English is one of the general official languages to speak in the city. While still upholding Mandarin and Cantonese as the main languages spoken in Mainland China, Hong Kong citizens freely converse with English.

This makes the region very friendly for expats from various places around the world. However, there are quite other languages you may hear people speak in HK other than just English and Chinese.

Living in Hong Kong

The actual costs of apartments or flats in this city are quite pricey. In fact, Hong Kong is among the top 50 world’s most expensive cities to live in. Because of this, the government passed a decree that all workers are to receive a minimum payment of $3.61 per hour.

Therefore, if you’re working in Hong Kong, you are eligible to earn $3.61 each hour you’re doing a work. This way, you can cope with the expense of things in the city.

Holidays in Hong Kong

It is also important to know the public holidays celebrated in Hong Kong. If you’re living and working in Hong Kong, below are the days you should sit back at home and relax.

  • Western New Year’s Day – 1st January
  • Lunar New Year’s Day – 16th February
  • Easter Weekend Holidays
  • Ching Ming Festival – 5th April
  • Labour Day – 1st May
  • Buddha’s Birthday – 22nd May
  • Tuen Ng Festival – 18th June
  • Special Administrative Region Establishment Day – 2nd July
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – 25th September
  • National Day –  1st October
  • Chung Yeung Festival – 17th October
  • Christmas Day – 25th December
  • Boxing Day – 26th December

Difficulties of living in Hong Kong

Apparently, the only difficulty you’ll face in HK is the high-cost of things. However, if you earn a good salary, you’ll definitely cope with life in Hong Kong.

Inclusively, the odd style of dishes/meals available in this may repel you at first as a foreigner. But, with time, you’ll also adjust to love them.

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