Living and Working in Kuwait

Living and Working in Kuwait

It is quite costly for an average western or African expat to live in Kuwait. This country is not a popular destination for expats even though its currency is the highest globally. Kuwait is an Asian country and it upholds the Muslim traditions and culture at all cost. If you’ll be living and working in Kuwait, there is every tendency that you must be a Muslim.

However, adjusting to life in a new environment is sometimes a tough task. But, expats who have lived all their lives traveling from one location to another do not find it difficult to adapt to new environments.

Living in Kuwait

The weather/temperature in Kuwait is not actually normal; during summer, the weather is extremely hot (gets up to 130oF). You’ll have to set the air conditioner in your room to the lowest temperature so as to feel a bit cold.

Also, house rent in Kuwait is a bit pricey; you may pay up to $1000 monthly or more, it all depends on where you choose to live. Even so, most apartments (if not all) have a manager (Haris) who arranges for your trash can/bucket to be taken out when due and your car washed, all for a little token monthly. Living and working in Kuwait won’t be easy during your initial stay in this country.

The People’s Culture in Kuwait

In Kuwait, there are quite a lot of expat leagues/clubs to get along with. However, these clubs are mostly for women expatriates; the include British Ladies Society (BLS), American Women’s League (AWL), and Organizacion Latina En Kuwait (OLEK).

Also, young Kuwaiti citizens are open to chat with, this way, you’ll learn more about the people’s culture. However, there is a strong rule in the country that male expats are not allowed to get closer to the Kuwaiti women. Islamic region has great influence on Kuwait’s culture and also their way of life.

Inshallah — if God wills it — is a common phrase you’ll never cease to hear all the while you’ll be at Kuwait.  Finally, it is not legal to drink beer (alcohol), eat pork or watch pornography in Kuwait. The consequences of not abiding by the country’s rules are severe.

Therefore, expats are advised to acquaint themselves the Islamic traditions and also learn about the common Arabic phrases used in daily conversations.

Working in Kuwait

Everyone living and working in Kuwait must dress properly at all times. The working conditions in Kuwait are not really strict to expats once you accept to live by the Islam religion rules. Transportation to work won’t cost you anything. In fact, transportation is the cheapest thing in Kuwait with gas sold at $0.23 per Ltr.

However, driving to work on your own car requires you have the Kuwaitis driver’s license. Otherwise, you will be using public transport.

Foods in Kuwait

There are quite varieties of foods available in this country. You can visit any eatery around your neighborhood and get yourself a classic meal for the day.

Difficulties of Living in Kuwait

If you won’t bend down to obey and follow the rules of Islam, then, you cannot survive staying in Kuwait. Every activity or action you do in Kuwait must be in line with the Islamic rules. However, if you’ve been a Muslim before moving to this place, then, living and working in Kuwait will be seamless.

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