Living and Working in Turkmenistan

Living and Working in Working in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is practically sandwiched between the might of Asia and the glories of Europe. It has been a strategic location for all western conquests of the east. This has steeped history on this very large country but with a very small population. Choosing to live and work in this historical country would enable you to share its past glories.

Very few countries could boast of a peaceful existence especially being in the midst of the two great continents of Asia and Europe. There is peace here which is not prevalent elsewhere. This makes living and working in Turkmenistan such a wonderful experience.

You need to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and drive a few kilometers out to see the glories of what Turkmenistan has to offer. This is a great country, with friendly people, a rich culture, steeped in history and home to some spectacular sights. Wherever you would go in the country everything is picture book perfect.

General Life – Living in Turkmenistan

Life is great to live here and the cities are bustling with activity. Ashgabat the capital is home to just a little over a million people. It is the only city in Turkmenistan with a population above one million. This makes the city and its environs the best place for living and working in Turkmenistan.

The city is culturally diverse and has much to offer those who would be living and working in Turkmenistan. The other cities and villages spread far and wide are great places to visit too. You just need to get about the country to enjoy what it has to offer the discerning traveler.

Working in Turkmenistan

The working environment is great as the people are cooperative and friendly. The country has a high literacy rate which makes it easier to interact and work together. There could be issues with language barriers but that is not a major issues which could be circumvented with proper understanding of each other.

Getting a job done is not a very difficult task and if you are living and working in Turkmenistan it would be a great experience which you carry into the future too.

Recreational opportunities

Recreational opportunities are galore and though the real sense of the beach is lacking the Caspian Sea is a body of water to enjoy. Turkmenistan is a landlocked country hence traveling to the neighboring countries is also a great opportunity. There is snow hence winter could be great for enjoyment outdoors for everyone.

Foods and Culture in Turkmenistan

Food is great with a perfect blend of the east, west, Mediterranean, Africa. With the regional flavor too added produces a rich and diverse cuisine. It would be difficult to match the super food flair when laid out as it is just great and when indulged in would be long remembered.

The culture is being brought down from many centuries hence it has a lot of color. The music is also something very different to the east as well as the west.

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