Living and Working in Kazakhstan

Living and Working in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a very beautiful and picturesque country. The largest city and the former capital Almaty is to the south whilst the new capital Astana is to the north. Kazakhstan has a population of 18.3 million and of this about 60% live in urban conditions. The two cities of Almaty and Astana are people friendly and the latter is more the commercial capital.

Astana is still being built and has sprawling open spaces to complement the large area that it covers. Most of the administration of the country is based in Astana. Due to its commercial activity Almaty is densely populated with about 2 million inhabitants. This is in contrast to Astana which has less than 350,000 people. Wherever you may choose or happen to be living and working in Kazakhstan would be a great experience.

Living in Kazakhstan

Almaty is a more vibrant city with many expatriates around and many activities to keep you entertained. If you are an expatriate and opt to live predominantly among your compatriots, accommodation could be expensive. In contrast living in the local areas could be very much affordable.

The crime rate is quite low hence there are no issues wherever you would decide to live. It is safe to walk about in the late evenings and both Almaty and Astana are generally quiet and laid back. The country is vast and the population density is just six (06) persons per square kilometer. Hence you would see few people if you travel around the countryside. If you like the outdoors living and working in Kazakhstan would give you the opportunity of visiting some spectacular places in this picturesque country.

The weather could be quite unbearable depending from where you would come. In winter the mercury could drop to the extremes of -35C. Summer could be just the opposite with temperatures rising to +35C. Hence you may need to take adequate protection from the two extreme weather conditions.

Working in Kazakhstan

The people are quite cooperative and with a very high adult literacy rate you would enjoy working with the locals. They are also inherently friendly and having worked with expatriates would not have major issues but language could be a problem with them.

Working conditions are good whether you are in Astana or in Almaty. The communications systems are great and keeping in touch with home wherever you would be especially within the populated areas are no issues.

Foods in Kazakhstan

The choices to select food which you would like especially in Almaty are great. There is a wide variety to choose from and with influences from the east and the west living and working in Kazakhstan would be pleasant. The blend of gourmet cuisine that you could choose from would be a mix of the best in the region.

Kazakhstan Culture

The country has a rich cultural history which many would love if they happen to be living and working in Kazakhstan because it was lost to the world during the seven decades of Soviet rule.

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