Minimum Wage in Netherlands. Average Salaries in Netherlands

Minimum Wage in Netherlands. Average Salaries in Netherlands

Like most countries, in Netherlands the basic salary system is the same; you have your gross salary and you have your net income. Difference between net and gross salary is unfortunately, a considerable amount. This is because, you guessed it, mostly taxes.

Every other country has some sort of similar system so it should not be a problem for many. In the gross amount, you have your taxes, social security payments and pension fund payments. The net income is the net amount you get in your bank account. You should always ask the precise amount of your net income before signing or agreeing to anything, as your employer will always refer to your gross salary.

One great bonus and the main difference is what the Dutch people call, “holiday allowance.” In Netherlands you get 8 percent of your annual earnings as a summer holiday bonus, every year in May. In other words, you get roughly one more paycheck every year in the beginning of summer. Which is great because when earning minimum wage in Netherlands, or in any other county for that matter, saving up for a summer holiday is quite difficult.

Considering minimum wage in Netherlands is substantially higher than most countries, even without the bonuses you can still lead a comfortable life.

Minimum Wage in Netherlands

Usual working hours are 36-40 hours a week and minimum wage is calculated depending on your age in Holland. Minimum wage in Netherlands is starting at 1.104 Euros for 20-year old, 1.341 Euros for 21 year old and 1.578 Euros for persons 22 and older.

Average Income in Netherlands

Salaries in Netherlands vary considerably depending on profession, field, industry, age and of course, experience. Median Gross Income for a person working in Netherlands is 2.855 Euros per month in gross, or annually 37.000 Euros.

According to a study made regarding average salary by age, the numbers are as follows;

  • For ages 15 to 25, average annual salary is 11.900 Euros per year,
  • For ages 25 to 35, 30.600 Euros,
  • Ages 35 to 45, 38.400 Euros and
  • Ages 45 to 55 the average annual salary is 40.200 Euros per year.

Starting Salaries in Netherlands

In medicine and dentistry, two professions that usually have the highest salaries in Netherlands, starting salaries are usually around 3.200 Euros and 4.000 Euros.

Respectively. For IT employees’ salaries are starting at around 2.700 Euros.

For those in field of business economics, salaries are starting at 2.500 Euros.

Developing field of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) offers 2.400 Euros to starting employees.

Salaries in fields of management, economics, accounting and law are surprisingly much lower at 2.300 Euros.

Industrial design offers 2.200 Euros, while retail management and small businesses offer 2.150 Euros.

Newly starting physiotherapists earn about 2.000 Euros while archeologists and art history majors start from about 1.800 Euros.

Jobs in fields such as international business and languages, salaries start from 2050 Euros.

And the lowest starting salaries in Netherlands are in the field of visual arts at 1.300 Euros.

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