Most Needed Jobs in Kazakhstan

Most Needed Jobs in Kazakhstan

The most in demand jobs in Kazakhstan generally revolve around the gas and oil sectors. The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) relies heavily on it. It is the gas and oil specialists down to the lowest helper in the industry, who pay above average remunerations.

Those in the transport sector would come a very close second. The others to follow would be sales managers and those in the information technology sectors. Doctors and other medical related specialists would also be in line with the latter category.

Salary structures across the country

It is a foregone conclusion that it is the best jobs with a substantial demand which would pay high salaries. Statistics reveal that the average monthly salary in Kazakhstan stands at about US$ 1,312/=. This would be inclusive of housing, transport and other fringe benefits. Hence this salary has is on statistics that show that 50% earn more than this whilst 50% earn less. The same statistics have also revealed that 25% earn less than the average salary whilst the balance 75% earns more that the stated average salary.

This average salary has been steadily rising since 2015. This is steady rise in the per capita income which stands at US$ 23,440/ per annum.

Premier jobs in Kazakhstan and needed qualifications

Specialists in the oil sector need qualifications pertaining to their related work and also have the right experience. They are the most needed jobs in Kazakhstan and these professionals could earn in excess of the average US$ 1,312/=.  The engineers attached to the civil, mechanical, and electrical including doctors and those in the information technology industry come next in line. These professionals could be earning anything around the average of US$ 1,312/= and above. They need to have the accepted qualifications pertaining to the jobs they would be required to perform.

The marketing and sales personnel too have a very good demand and this has been the case for many years. They could be earning around US$ 1200/= a month which would be just below the national average. Marketing and sales qualifications coupled with experience is needed. This sector has also generated a vast quantum of jobs into the national employment market.

Finding the most needed jobs in Kazakhstan

The spectrum is very wide if you are looking for one of the most in demand jobs in Kazakhstan. To succeed in any you would need the right qualifications and the required experience. It is only when you could couple these two factors could you apply and consider for any vacancy. Similar to any other country there could be anomalies in the job market. This would mean that even the most in demand jobs in Kazakhstan could fall out of favor with employers. This trend is presently witnessed in some jobs in the information technology industry. Hence there is no guarantee that your qualifications and experience would get you a job as the demand would always fluctuate,

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