Most Needed Jobs in Kuwait

Most Needed Jobs in Kuwait

Any job that is linked to oil production, management, and the likes is among the most needed jobs in Kuwait. This is an Asian country popularly known for oil production and exportation. The country generates almost 90% of its earnings from oil. Kuwait’s GDP is very high and employees who work in the oil sector or similar sectors smile all the way to the bank every month.

Also, the highest paying jobs in Kuwait fall in the oil, engineering and finance sectors. Doctors and other health practitioners are on popular demand too. Now, talking about an expat seeking to know the popular job opportunities in Kuwait, this article will halt your search.

Unfortunately, some of the popular in-demand jobs in Kuwait are not among the best-paying jobs. However, every worker in Kuwait receives a fine salary at the end of each month. Without saying much, let’s jump to the popular jobs you could get along with in Kuwait.

Most needed jobs in Kuwait

We are going to list the most popular job opportunities for expats in Kuwait along the monthly salaries attached to those jobs.

Nevertheless, if you’re not a graduate or have no educational certificate, you could still get a job to do in Kuwait. You could work as a public transport driver, artisan, and the likes.


With lots of construction projects being awarded almost every day, engineers are the number one most needed people in Kuwait. Their pay varies by the type of engineers and the work they do. However, on average, an engineer in Kuwait earns around $26, 400 every month.

Doctor / medical professionals

Every country takes their health sector very serious and tends to employ more professionals often. This is because human lives are very important and should not be toyed with. In Kuwait, medical professionals such as doctors (all types), nurses, pharmacists, lab scientists, etc. are on popular demand.

As a doctor in Kuwait, your monthly salary should be around $5, 000. However, it could be less or even higher in some cases.

 A real estate manager

Before now, the call for this position is very low, but currently, the job is becoming among the most needed jobs in Kuwait. There are so many companies in Kuwait who need the services of a professional real estate manager; hence, the job is currently among the popular in-demand jobs in Kuwait.

Real estate managers in Kuwait earn up to $22,375.78 monthly; it is among the highest paying jobs in the country.

IT Staff (Information Technology)

The call for IT experts is on the rise in Kuwait. Information Technology is quite an atypical profession; IT personnels are highly valued. People with this skill will easily get a job in Kuwait. There are many companies that are in need of IT services. The pay for this job type is around $16, 451.75.


Since the country is renowned for oil production, there are lots of oil companies there and this has made the demand for geologists to be on the rise. The major work of geologists in Kuwait is to drill oil or search out if oil exists in an area through scientific methods. At the end of each month, Geologists in Kuwait go home with about $13,161.4 per month.

Other most needed jobs in Kuwait include;

  • Public relations managers
  • Environmental managers
  • Experienced CEOs

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