Most Needed Jobs in Netherlands. Most Winning Jobs

Most Needed Jobs in Netherlands. Most Winning Jobs

Netherlands has a very diverse job market. Most needed jobs in Netherlands can be from very diverse fields and sectors and vary from engineers to health care specialists and information and communication technology (ICT) specialists and to innovators in creative industries.

Depending on city you live or plan to live in, most needed jobs in Netherlands can change dramatically.  Amsterdam has relatively high levels of unemployment. You need to consider if you haven’t already chosen which city to live in (the) Netherlands. Although Amsterdam has a tough job market, it is the place to be for marketing experts, people of finance expertise and creative industries.

Rotterdam has the highest level of unemployment. However, most jobs here do not require Dutch language skills. So English speakers have an advantage here in Rotterdam. Also, there is good news for people who work in logistics, as there is a demand right now. In addition to that, medical jobs remain popular.

Utrecht has always been known as a heavily English-speaking city and that might be a thing to consider if you do not have Dutch language skills. In Utrecht the highly developed medical industry is always seeking new employees.

Eindhoven is home of the biggest Dutch companies in fields such as, technology and IT. Those who work in technology and computer related sectors or have such skills should firstly consider moving to Eindhoven.

Most Needed Jobs in Netherlands Depending on Language Skills

Some jobs require Dutch language skills while some jobs don’t. While it would be a great asset and will boost your chances, you don’t have to be a fluent Dutch speaker to land a job in Netherlands.

Netherlands has a considerably large number of immigrants and expatriates there is always a demand for people who can speak different languages. Also, there are many foreign companies that have headquarters or a base in Netherlands. So need for international recruitment is always present.

If you want to have a career in HR, event planning or even law, you need to have a certain knowledge of Dutch as you will need to have a certain understanding of Dutch legal system. But for many positions in many fields, such as creative industries and information and communication technologies, your willingness to learn Dutch might be just enough.

There are lots of English-speaking positions in the job market and as there is a demand. People who speak French and/or German will be always one step ahead. People who can speak at least one of the Scandinavian languages, such as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Icelandic will be highly sought after.

To sum up, most needed jobs in Netherlands vary depending on city, language skills and lots of other factors. Some examples being, engineers, doctors and healthcare specialists, ICT specialists and people who work in creative industries. If you speak fluent English, with a certain basic understanding of Dutch you can go a long way. And it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you speak a different language.

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