Netherlands Immigration Requirements

Netherlands Immigration Requirements

Netherlands has a population 17 million people and accepted a lot of immigrants all over the world over the years. Of nearly 3 million immigrants, 1.7 million are of non-Western origin.  Netherlands is a member of the European Union, Eurozone and Schengen area all of which are beneficial for prospect immigrants.

Who Can Apply for Netherlands Immigration?

If you are a EU national, you can stay in the Netherlands permanently, as you wish without needing a residence permit or obligation to report. These rules also apply to nationals of Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. All you will ever need is proof that you are residing there legally, which you can use your passport or identity to prove.

Non-EU nationals, however must apply for a residence permit to reside in the Netherlands.

If you are classified as a highly skilled migrant, your employer must be a recognized sponsor by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) And your wage must be in accordance

Classified researchers under the EU directive 2016/801, can work as a paid researcher, PhD student or an unpaid researcher with a grant.

If you are applying under family reunification program, you must have a Dutch spouse or partner, or a non-Dutch partner who has a residence permit and resides there legally and also has sufficient income to support your residency in the Netherlands.

Finally, if you are an entrepreneur you can apply for a residence permit that is valid for one year. After one year you can extend your residence permit if you still meet the conditions. Start-ups receive a great deal of support in the Netherlands to develop into successful enterprises, but you must know it comes with certain conditions. You must have sufficient financial means, step-by-step plans, your facilitator must be reliable and experienced. And your product or the service you provide must be innovative.

Foreign investors, who have a capital of 1,250,000 EUR and invest in Dutch businesses, can obtain a residence permit more easily, and for 3 years instead of one year.

Where and How to Apply for Netherlands Immigration?

Applications are submitted online using the IND’s Business Portal, by your research institution in cases of researchers, employers for highly skilled migrants, and by facilitators for entrepreneurs.

Procedure and Netherlands Immigration Requirements

The IND checks if you and your company or institution or any other relevant party meet the conditions and must decide in 60 days for researchers, 90 days for highly skilled migrants and self-employed entrepreneurs. Please check the official government website for required documents for your specifications.

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