Qatar Labor Laws For The People Who Want To Do Business In Qatar

Qatar Labor Laws For The People Who Want To Do Business In Qatar

Qatar is playing an important role for the business world, nowadays. There are so many people who want to work or set up a business in Qatar. Because of the economic reasons, this country is one of the most important country in the World.

Qatar sets some conditions for workes or businessmans whom want to set up a business or join a job in Qatar. Some of these conditions, which are assigned by the government of Qatar, are specified in Qatar Labor Laws.

Qatar Labor Laws

For working in Qatar, there are some options for you. That options must be related to your desires. These desires can change person to person.

For instance; some people want to be a businessman, some people also want to be businessman, but they cannot be. Because of these situations, sectors may be different for each person.

Being A Commercial Agent

If you want to bring some products from another country to Qatar, you must obtain permission from the government to do that job.

While you are getting permit, you must assign yourself as a commercial agent. When you do this step, your viewing will have been distributor. That job style is used by many of the foreign workers. Actually, it can be beneficial thing for the economy of Qatar. It is beneficial for both government and the workers.

On the other hand, it is accelerating the imports. Because of these reasons; when the necessaries and the conditions are provided, the government of Qatar is allowing this job style for the new people who want to set up a business. That is taking a part in Qatar Labor Laws. It is possible to see in these laws, easily.   

Joint Venture

This job technic is mostly used by the new Laborer in Qatar. Actually, It is the most beneficial job style for the government of Qatar. Because, foreign capital is always outdone and indigenous capital is always staying on top.

When the foreign people come to Qatar, they want to set up or join a good job. Joint venture is a job style that it has higher income than the other job styles. On the other hand; when you decide to do this job, you don’t have to find a supporter company.

For setting up a business in Qatar, you can organize a company as LLC (Limited Liability Company). In this situation, foreign capital can not exceed %49 of the total capital. Because another partner, who is Qatari, has 51% of the company’s total shares. That is written in Qatar Labor Laws. But the Qatar Law allows to foreign partner to earn around %80 of company’s total profit, If the foreign partner is the main businessman who does the most of company’s job.

Finding A Supporter For The Individual Jobs

If you want to do individual jobs and If you will leave the country after the job is finished, then you have to find a supporter. Without supporter, you cannot do an individual job.

But if your job is related to government, you don’t have to find a supporter. Finding a supporter is an important step to continue the job. When you find a supporter, they deal with the official steps of government which are necessaries to do job. This condition is also taking part in Qatar Labor Laws. If you come to Qatar to do this job for a company or businessman, you have to fulfill these steps.  To set up a business in Qatar, you can contact these companies:

  • Pro-Partnership L.L.C.
  • KMD Consulting
  • Simmons and Simmons
  • Future gate Business Services

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