Qatar Maid Visa Requirements

Qatar Maid Visa Requirements

Qatar is a country that is demanded by several expat families to live. Expat families employ for domestic help generally. People who live in Qatar can hire a maid for their family. There are some agencies which can help people to handle all process about hiring maid, to save people all the tiresome paper works. There is a rule about firing maid that people cannot fire their maid if maid does not work out. They must sign an agreement which includes this rule also.

Women who are from certain countries, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Nepal, are permitted to work in Qatar as a maid. When these women come to Qatar to work as a maid, their salary is based on the agreement which is signed between Qatar and their countries.

People who want to hire one of these women as a maid, they must provide them accommodation, food, clothing and optional extras. In addition, they must provide a health care for them.

When people hire a full-time maid, they are obligated to offer sponsorship to him/her. Sponsorship is an important because when maids are under employer’s sponsorship, employers are responsible for their welfare and behavior.

Qatar Maid Visa Requirements

There are a lot of rules about hiring maid. For example, single men are not allowed to sponsor a female maid or people cannot sponsor a maid, until they have worked in Qatar for six months.  “No Objection Certificate” may be required to hire a maid. However, a man can hire a maid through his company, when his wife holds a Residence Permit only.

When people want to hire a maid from another country, they must be submitted for approval at the Immigration Department. Firstly, they have received the approval to hire a maid from another country, the Qatar maid visa process can start. People can bring a maid from outside Qatar or they can find someone in Qatar.

The important point is being ensure about their visa status. Qatar maid visa must be legal. Besides, the maid has to take some medical tests to check for TB, HIV, pregnancy and fingerprint. People can handle all paper works due to maid agencies. That kind of agencies provide some benefits such as two-year contract, three-month trial period or maid replacements for free charge.

There is an important issue about Qatar maid visa during hiring a maid. People should send maid’s visa approval before obtaining his/her air ticket or accommodation arrangements.

People can hire a maid as locally, through agency, part time or full time. All these types of hiring maid depend people’s preferences.

There are several domestic help agencies. You can check on the list.

  • Qatar Maid Agency – Ph: 44271197
  • Qatar Maid Service – Ph: 44413462
  • Golden Main – Sofitel – Ph: 4424487
  • Manpower – Ph: 5834722 / 4874522
  • Al Baidha Cleaning Company – Ph: 4692696
  • Jassim Decoration & Services – Ph: 4477305
  • Al-Dukhnan – Ph: 5722922
  • Al-Wacal – Ph: 4322355

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