Rental Costs in Saudi Arabia. House Rents.

Rental Costs in Saudi Arabia

Rental Costs in Saudi Arabia

If you want to live in Saudi Arabia and want to know how much does renting cost in Saudi Arabia, you are in correct place.

Actually, It is impossible to answer this question in a certain way. Because, there is variety of rental costs in Saudi Arabia. There are lots of different types of houses such as villas, different sizes of flats, new apartment blocks etc. All these types of houses have different characteristic such as swimming pools, good or bad locations etc. Due to all these features of houses, You can easily find house to live that you can afford. Because there are several options for everyone.

Arabic people prefer renting their houses to expatriates to get regular and reliable income. For this reason, they are keen to rent their houses for a long time.

Rental Costs in Saudi Arabia

Rental costs in Saudi Arabia depend on features of apartment.

For example;

1 bedroom apartment costs 750 – 1.000 $ per month,

2 bedroom apartment costs 1.000 – 1.500 $ per month.

Besides, 2/3 bedroom villa costs 1.800 – 2.500 $ per month.

For furnished accommodation, you have to pay 25 percent more. For service apartments, you have to pay 30 – 50 percent more. Because serviced apartments have cleaning, laundry and linen – changing services.

You can find serviced apartments in all states. Sometimes, rental costs in Saudi Arabia include air – conditioning fee or electricity bill. It is possible to find an apartment which have communal gas tank. For these apartments, rental cost includes gas fee, also. You should check other utilities such as water, electricity, gas etc. before signing contract.

Rental costs in Saudi Arabia does not cover deposit. You have to pay deposit to make host be sure about damaging items or furnishing.

It is good to know that there are some states in Saudi Arabia that impose people to pay local tax to cover expanses like refuse collection or road maintenance. You should research about everything before they decide to rent an apartment and sign a contract.

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