Salaries in Canada.Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Canada. Minimum Wage for Workers

Canada is a developed country with some job opportunities that keep on increasing by the government to hire the fresh and graduated candidates. The pay is given in the official currency or monetary unit of Canada; that is US Dollars or simple USD.

Canada is a welfare state that is steadily working to keep up income progress of an average person working in the country. The average salaries in Canada have been increasing since 2013. The government gives an average salary of approximately $47,629 per year.

Let’s take a look at the salaries of some field professionals:

Salaries in Medical Field

Their salaries in Canada vary from general physicians to medical specialist. A family physician in Canada on average earns about $271,000. A medical specialist earns more, and the surgeons have comparatively the highest pay that is, $338,000 and $446,000 per annum respectively, as under the Canadian government laws.

Other healthcare professionals like the pharmacists, nutritionists, and radiologists also highly paid as their field of work demands a lot of attention and professional knowledge to deal with human health issues. Pharmacists are one of the highest paid professionals too! They are paid $95,000 annually.

Salaries of Engineers in Canada

Engineering is also one of the highest paid jobs in Canada and even all over the world. The salary of engineers is categorized by the different types of engineering department a person is working in.

Telecom engineers earn the most among other engineers in Canada. Their pay is $95,628 annually. The other engineers like electrical and mechanical are also very well paid that is, $77,750 and $63,683 on average per year respectively.

However, chemical engineers, civil engineers, and industrial engineers also have highly important jobs and acquire a standard among the well-paid jobs in Canada!

Salaries of IT professionals in Canada

Information technology is a field in the market demand, and the increasing job vacancies require more graduates with good potentials to up marking the company’s IT values.

The area needs very competent personalities that can cope with the highly fierce international competitions. Hence, IT professionals have outstanding salaries in Canada.

On average, the employees are paid $100,000 per annum. However, if a graduate is a beginner at the job, he is given an average of $60,000 with increasing pay incentives as well as other company facilities at the same time. IT management is managing the business of large trademark companies and handling the big IT projects, so the bigger the duty more is the pay.

Salaries of Teachers in Canada

Teaching is a noble profession. In Canada, teachers are given real respect, and teaching value is considered as a valued profession because it builds the pillars of a nation. 

A primary teacher on average earns $42,000 annually, and a fresh elementary teacher earns round about $58,000 annually. A teacher of a high school on average has a salary of $78,000, and a professor or a senior lecturer earns no less than $111,000.

The job is very demanding. There are vocational teachers as well who take a few substitutional lectures still make a lot!

Salaries of Uneducated People in Canada

There are some jobs for people in Canada who do not possess a professional degree. But, if they maintain a proper skill that comes up to the mark, the Canadian government provides some such job opportunities that utilize your technical knowledge. For example, traffic controller, transit drivers, mechanics, survey dealers, plumber, reporters, and welders.

The average salary of these people is $80,400 per annum.

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