Salaries in Dubai

Salaries in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. But Dubai is most popular among the other cities in the World. There are several job opportunities in Dubai for doctors, engineers, workers, drivers, etc. Average salaries in Dubai are round about 4000 USD per month. Working experience and part-time working upgrade the wage for that person. Salaries in Dubai are very high for professional workers and business managers.

So here we discuss some of the salaries in Dubai related to different professions/fields

Salaries of Doctors in Dubai

A doctor in every city or any country enjoys enormous respect. A doctor in Dubai earns a handsome salary. Starting salary for a doctor in Dubai is about 5445.10 USD per month.

A physician gains about 1,32,135 USD per year having experience of more than 20 years. An average medical doctor earns about 80 USD per hour and annually 166,000. Orthopedic surgeon earns the highest salary among other doctors in Dubai about 466,500 USD per year. Cardiologist wins second to an orthopedic surgeon about 461,220 USD annually.

Doctors in Dubai are highly paid among other jobs in Dubai.

Salaries of Teachers in Dubai

Teachers are the role models in every society. A primary school teacher earns 28,810 USD per year. Having more than five years experience, pay increases modestly.

English School Language Teacher earns about 2500 to 3500 USD per month. Salaries can differ as related to different institutions and working experience. A private international school teacher makes about 2000 to 4000 USD per month. Average teacher salary in Dubai is about 2500 to 5000 USD per month. Administrative roles assigned to the seniors offers a high wage based upon the experience.

Salaries of Engineers in Dubai

Salaries in Dubai are handsome for the engineers as there is so much construction works in Dubai. A mechanical engineer earns about 26,755 USD per year. A civil engineer earns about 27,850 USD per year. Their income increases modestly.

There are several job opportunities for software engineers. A software engineer earns about 1500 USD per month in Dubai.  Electrical engineer also makes an average of 25,000 USD annually. Working experience leads to up gradation of salary.

Salaries of Drivers in Dubai

Drivers in Dubai have to pass a driving test before they could drive a taxi or other vehicle. A driver working with a company or family earns a handsome amount. A family driver earns about 2500 to 4000 USD per month and food; dormitory is also provided to the driver.

A driver working for company receives an average of 3000 USD per month but the job is tough, and you have to arrange dormitory and food for you. A taxi driver works on the commission and earns about 2000 to 5000 USD.

Salaries of Salesperson in Dubai

Salespersons are employed by companies for the promotion of their products and making good communication with the clients. The average salary of the salesperson is about 11,623.02 USD per year.

An electronics retail sailor earns about 680 USD per month. Salespersons in companies are provided with free transport and dormitory. A salesperson with excellent communication skills can easily make about 890 USD per month. Good relationship with clients proves beneficial for the companies and due to which salesperson also get a bonus.

Salaries of Workers in Dubai

A worker in business companies and offices earns about 500 USD with food and dormitory provided by that company. In a factory, they make about 570 USD per month and also goodies for splendid work and giving over time. A worker also earns on a daily basis by doing house tasks about 16.66 USD per day.

Salaries in Dubai became a legal issue in 2014, when the UAE government reduced its effective salary schemes. Workers at bars, such as waiters, earn an average of 6592 USD each year.





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