Salaries in Hong Kong. Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Hong Kong. Minimum Wage for Workers

One of the things people check out for before moving to live in a specific area or location is the salary pay scale. Workers living in Hong Kong expect high salaries to meet up with the various expenses. But, what are the actual salaries in Hong Kong; how much are workers paid for certain jobs or services?

From 2011 up until now, Hong Kong employers pay a minimum wage of $3.61 per hour to their workers or employees. However, depending on the kind of job you do or maybe you render services to people, the salary or pay is totally different and incomparable.

Because the cost of living in Hong Kong is expressly high, the salary levels are quite very good. The city of Hong Kong is home to the best QA engineers, graphics designers or another type of designers, attorneys, hardware engineers, and the likes.

Looking at these classes of people mostly found in this city, one can easily spot why the place is kind of expensive to live.

Salaries in Hong Kong

You’ll be paid quite handsomely for any service or job you do in Hong Kong. Below is a rundown list of the average salaries earned by workers in different fields in Hong Kong labor market.

Also, note that salaries in Hong Kong or the amount you may be paid is being affected by some factors like years of experience, skill, certifications, value, offer, skill/capacity, recommendation, etc.

For example, the average pay for a Marketing Manager with many years of experience who works in Hong Kong is approximately $65, 066.31per year. That’s more like it’s very favorable and will be enough to suit the Manager’s cost of living in the city.

Work Type Average Salary
Cashier $18,484.87
Copywriter $82,579.99
Financial analyst $103,140.31
Graphic designer $42,805.19
Mobile developer $84,786.6
Product manager $135,126.9
Receptionist $81,555.83
Software engineer $42,500.91
Teacher $59,617.54
Web developer $42,396.12

More salaries of Hong Kong workers

Basically, these are the average salaries of Hong Kong workers/employees. That is, the average amount being paid to employees or career personnel’s working in Hong Kong. Freelance workers also get pretty paid here; take a look at the average salary of a graphics designer and a web developer.

Work Average Salary
Marketing Executive $25,628.17
Graphic Designer $51,997.34
Marketing Manager $406,367
Software Engr. $38,350.26
Executive Assistant $41,379.25
Project Manager, Information Technology (I.T) $75,702.58
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) $65,727.85

These salaries in Hong Kong calculations were based on a set of workers profile. These workers gave out their annual salary report for this purpose. Also, a report from a quite reliable source states that Employees in Hong Kong earn an average salary of $48,018.02 per annum.

Job opportunities in Hong Kong

You may want to check out if your kind of job will attract a Hong Kong employer or firm? Well, here are some famous jobs opportunities available in Hong Kong. They include graphic design works, marketing executive or manager.

Furthermore, if your work tallies with the following labor industries, you’ll likely get employed in Hong Kong. The industries include banking and financial services industries, Information Technology (IT) services, engineering industries, and the likes.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC), HSBC, and Cathay Pacific Airways Limited are few of the most popular employers based in Hong Kong.

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