Salaries in Kazakhstan. Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Kazakhstan. Minimum Wage for Workers

Kazakhstan is rich in oil and gas, with an abundance of mineral resources. The country recorded a per capita income of US$ 23,440 Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), in 2017. This was second only to Russia at just US$ 24,893 PPP, but far above its other neighboring countries.

Kazakhstan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the same year stood at US$ 159.4 billion. The country has tremendous potential for professionals, as well as for skilled and unskilled labor. This is to draw above average salaries in Kazakhstan.

Lucrative potential for expatriates

The vast country and the meager population of just 18.3 million, makes Kazakhstan a very sparsely populated country. It has a population density of just six (06) people per square kilometer. Coupled with the country’s vast natural resources. It has great potential for employment opportunities.

The native Kazakh population is limited to around 64% of the population which too adds to the equation. Working in Kazakhstan could be lucrative for professionals. That’s mainly because of skilled and unskilled labor. People come to work here due to the high salaries in Kazakhstan.

The adult literacy rate in Kazakhstan increased from 97.5% in 1989 to 99.8% in 2015. Though this is a good indication it has a very low population to ensure that the country runs efficiently. This has resulted in expatriate labor arriving in drones to sustain the burgeoning economy.

An indication of Salaries in Kazakhstan

A comparatively low cost of living coupled with above average living standards. It contributes for expatriate labor preference in the country. A doctor in any discipline would draw an annual salary of between US$ 22,000/= and US$ 30,000/=

Teachers with the relevant qualifications and experience that pay remunerations between US$ 7,000/= and US$ 8,000/= per annum.

All disciplines from civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, software and hardware engineers would be paid anything between US$ 11,000/= and US$ 14,000/=. These are above average salaries compared to other countries in the region. It is the stable salaries in Kazakhstan and the variety of recreational opportunities.

The disciplines of marketing, sales and other related jobs would also pay about US $ 8,000/=. Thereabout which has brought a good cross section of expat workers to the country.

Unskilled workers’ Salaries in Kazakhstan

The construction industry is slowly gathering momentum after the recent recession faced by many countries in the world. This has created a decent demand for construction workers and other auxiliary labor intensive services. The salaries in Kazakhstan for unskilled workers have been quite static. Even though the United States dollar has seen a drastic fluctuation in the local currency the economy is strong.

The many sectors where unskilled workers  are still apprehensive about the future. This is due to the slow progress. This situation will change in the near future with the construction industry taking a tremendous boost. At the moment with the lull in the construction sector moment, an unskilled worker US$ 3,000 to US$ 3,500 per annum.

There is vast potential for employment in Kazakhstan and the bright future the country has should hold it in good stead in the future.

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