Salaries in Kuwait. Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Kuwait. Minimum Wage for Workers

The official currency used in Kuwait is Dinar and 1 Dinar (KD) equals to 3.29 US Dollar (USD). The minimum wage in Kuwait is 60 dinars ($198) a month. All employers of labor in the country are not meant to pay their employees or workers less than $198 per month.

While the minimum wage looks so poor, you should know that both expats and locals don’t pay tax. No one pays tax in Kuwait, whether a foreigner or an indigene. The only liable people to pay tax in Kuwait are foreign companies operating in the country. Foreign business operators in Kuwait pay a 15% income tax to the government of Kuwait. However, no home-based company or worker pays any time as a tax in the country.

The amount you earn as salary depends on the work/job you do. There are occupations that attract high salaries. Nevertheless, you’ll be handsomely paid at the end of each month as a worker in Kuwait. Since the cost of living in Kuwait is inflated by the high cost of accommodation, the salaries of workers in Kuwait are a bit high so they can meet up.

Salaries in Kuwait

On average, employees in Kuwait take home $3000 every end of the month. Below are the average salaries of specific workers in the country.

Position Average monthly salary
CEO/MD of a multinational company $34,460
CEO/MD of a Local company $24,675
Headteacher or principal of a school $6,557
Hotel GM $15,290
Lawyers $8,853
Recruitment manager $6,675
IT manager $7,451
Real estate manager $7,144
Human resources manager $7,291
Construction project manager $8,312
PR account manager $5,677
Sales/marketing manager $5,480
Facilities management manager $5,754
Healthcare general practitioner $5,150
Editor $4,368
Office manager $4,351
Digital marketing specialist $3,675
Bank branch manager $3,860
Sales executive $4,126
Logistics executive $2,813
Senior accountant $3,427
Human resources executive $2,738
Receptionist $1,865

The above report shows the recent average salaries in Kuwait. Lawyers are not really paid that much as expected. Even so, people in the health sector don’t also earn high. However, remember that the exchange rate of Kuwait Dinar to US Dollar is 1 kd = 3.29 USD and payments are made using the local official currency (Dinar (KD)).

So, if your salary is around $3000, it equals 911.7KD

Salaries of Expats in Kuwait

Some western expats in Kuwait earn up to $30000 or more; most times, this is not their actual salary. But, they do engage with side jobs and end up with a huge sum of money monthly.

Furthermore, research showed that Kuwait’s average monthly salaries dropped by 26.3% in 2018. Now, Kuwait is outwardly the worst paying country among the five (5) Gulf Cooperation Council states. Nevertheless, Kuwait is the top Gulf country that pays the highest salary to Hotel General Managers; no other country among the GULF countries pays a Hotel GM up to $11, 000 but Kuwait pays $15, 000 to these set of workers.

Finally, salaries in Kuwait are suitable for the people earning them. Since no one pays tax and some companies provide their esteem workers with accommodation and other amenities, your salary as an expat in Kuwait may not be spent on any other thing asides food and clothing.

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  1. Toluwani says

    I want to work and live in Kuwait but I don’t know how to go about it



    This is to express my earnest desired to become part of your organization and help your company achieve its corporate goals and objectives.

    I am a Master in Business Administration with more than 19 years of experience in organizing and managing people. I can do accounting works well and can do financial management and analysis.

    My competence and strong positive character would be my best assets in performing par excellence.
    I am able to take on the responsibility of this position immediately, and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success on it.

    Technical Competencies

    – Document Management and Control
    – Control and Budgeting
    – Business Planning
    – Research and development
    – Internal Auditing and Compliance Checking
    – Financial Accounting
    – General Accounting
    – Management

    In summary:
    I have a total of 20 Years of Working Experience
    – 1 year: Credit and Collection Auditor / Bank Loan Officer- Real Estate
    – 1 year: HR Generalist / Admin Officer / Property Administrator- Abroad
    – 1 year: Controller- Budgeting & Planning
    – 1 year: Controller- Financial Accounts
    – 1 year: Manager- Research and Development
    – 3 years: Manager- Audit and Compliance
    – 2 years: Manager- Operations
    – 5 years: Sr. Accountant, Banking
    – 3 years: Accountant, Banking
    – 2 years: Loan Officer, Banking

    Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you.

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