Salaries in Russia.Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Russia.Minimum Wage for Workers

Determining the actual salaries of Russian workers will be very difficult. However, we can give an estimate; somewhat an average, of what to expect as pay if you’ll be working in Russia.

To be sincere, the country – Russia is one of the best places in the world where you will work and earn good salaries. Salaries in Russia are liable to your capabilities, certifications or recommendation. With this said, one can foretell that there is no specific salary for Russian workers.

Even so, two different employees with the same qualifications or certifications but working in different offices or organizations are likely not to receive the same amount of salary.

Judging from reports, the average salaries paid to Russian workers tend to have risen from $437 in 2016 to $670 in 2018 (approx. 50%). As of July 2018 and until now, the official average monthly salary of Russian workers is $670.

There are many kinds of people you’ll find in Russia. People come to Russia with certificates of different discipline to apply for work. However, the Russian labor market tries to ensure that everyone gets paid accordingly with respect to his/her qualifications.

Salaries in Russia

Apart from Moscow, the capital city of Russia, the total cost of living in other unpopular Russian cities is quite economical. So if you live and work in any of these unpopular cities, you’ll save up a huge percentage of your monthly salaries or day-to-day wages.

However, salaries in popular cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are relatively higher than in local, unpopular regions. So, here is the trick as an expat who needs a well-paying job to meet up with the Russian life; apply for jobs in the mainland where you stand the chance of earning big while you look for accommodation in any of the remote cities.

Also as at July 2018, reports alleged that Moscow residents earn $1,285 monthly on average and $778 in the whole region. Then, people occupying St. Petersburg received an average of $950 monthly and $680 in the region.

Crimea which is a new republic has wages of $444 per month. This average pay is still above the wages it earns while in Ukraine $320.

Salaries in Russia based on job type

We all know that there are certain job types that receive massive salaries per month. Below are how Russia employers or government pay their workers and employees.

Profession Average Salary
Doctors $1,500
Mechanical Engineer $5,000
Salesperson $ 1,000
Teachers $ 2,000
Nurses $ 750
Drivers $ 650

Above are the average salaries in Russia. Looking at the table, you’ll see that Mechanical Engineers earn the highest pay. This is because of the nature of their work and also as a result of the complications attached.

However, these are arguably not the exact salaries to expect in Russia. Some private organizations may pay higher or lower. Also, there are other possible factors that will influence your pay as a worker in Russia. Whichever way, the salary you’ll earn in Russia will sustain you to live comfortably in the country.

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