Working Hours and Salaries in Saudi Arabia.

Working Hours and Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Most people want to know how much salary they can get in Saudi Arabia. If you want to know in which jobs you can get how much money then you are in the right place to know that.

Salaries in Saudi Arabia

Salaries in Saudi Arabia are generally close to amount in western countries. Sometimes, it is possible to get salary in Saudi Arabia grater then amount of salary in western countries.

The factors that affect salaries generally are personal taxation, car provision, house provision, medical cover, education for children and air tickets for home visits are different in Saudi Arabia.

Today, salaries in Saudi Arabia are paid to employees which covers all these expanses. In addition, there are some bonuses such as performance bonuses or other.

The workers who work in Saudi Arabia have justification of indemnity at the end of contract period if they have contract. If you work in Saudi Arabia for a long time, then the amount of indemnity can be huge. Scales of indemnity are usually arranged to 15 days of basic pay per year.

Salaries in Saudi Arabia vary according to your skills, education, experience and occupation. It Starts from 300-400 usd and reaches to 8000-1000 usd average for the university graduated experienced managers.

If you want to work in Saudi Arabia and save money, you should find a company which has comfortable conditions. Otherwise, even if your salary is nice, you would not want to work because of the heavy working conditions.

It is important to know that some Arabic companies can delay the payment of salaries regularly because of cash flow problems. Workers sometimes have to wait for a short time to get their salaries.

It is also important that you find a reliable company.

Recently, the laws on regular payment of salaries are on the agenda. The government is interested in this situation. However, you should work with a safe company.

Working Hours in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, workers have to work for 40 – 48 hours a week. There is no difference about working hours in summer and winter time. Just for month of Ramadan, it is six hours a day. This rule should be applied for all staff. However, there are several companies that apply this rule to Muslims only.

People who work in an office in Saudi Arabia work between 7.30 am – 7 pm. They have 3-hour break at noon time.

Governmental offices in Saudi Arabia are generally open between 7-30 am – 2.30 pm and banking offices are open between 8 am – 8 pm. Banking offices have 5-hour break at noon time. In Saudi Arabia, most of the companies have off – day on Friday and Saturday as an official weekend. Because, Friday is the Muslim day of rest.

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Working Hours and Salaries in Saudi Arabia.

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