Salaries in Singapore. Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Singapore. Minimum Wage for Workers

Singapore is one of the developed countries around the world. It gives many highly paid jobs opportunities for people around the world. The average salaries in Singapore are about 58,297 USD. The increase in average wage has jumped up to 67152 USD in the recent past years because the government has employed graduated and fresh candidates. The pay is given in simple US Dollar.

So here we discuss some of the salaries related to different professions/fields in Singapore

Salaries of Doctors in Singapore

Doctors are highly paid in Singapore, and it is one of the top paid jobs. Salaries in Singapore of a practicing physician is about 70 to 80 thousand US dollars yearly, and senior doctors are paid annually up to 217,517 USD and the annual salary according to the Doctors Directory of Singapore has revealed that orthopedic surgeons receive half of the total income annually as compared with the income of Senior specialized doctors.

In 2018 the average physician salary is about 299,000 USD including primary cases and specialties. Male doctors have earned 18% more than women doctors in 2018.

Salaries of Engineers in Singapore

Some jobs of different engineering fields are offered in Singapore, and a handsome salary is provided.

In Singapore, a mechanical engineer earns about 42,940 US dollar yearly and estimate earning of 7.04 US dollar per hour. A software engineer earns 49,675 $, IT engineer earns about 48,225 $, Electrical Engineer earns 43,256$, and Civil engineer has 44,921$ average pay yearly. Experience in civil, electrical and mechanical field affects the income of the job.

Salaries of Teachers in Singapore

Salaries in Singapore of teaching field demands experience. A primary school teacher earns an average of 51,946$ per year and doesn’t have any experience of more than 20 years.

High school teachers have an average yearly pay about 58,030 USD, and they are highly qualified and experienced. A preschool teacher has a handsome salary 2,206 USD per month. A teacher usually gets annually pay, but it is calculated on an hourly basis.

Salaries of Drivers in Singapore

There are different categories of drivers including a taxi driver who earns about 33,600 $ yearly.

A delivery driver has an average of 1,871 pay monthly. A truck driver earns about 2,042$ per month. New car drivers also gain bonus 485$ per year on the hourly rate earn 14 USD. Their average salary has an estimate of 28,215 USD.

Salaries of Workers in Singapore

A general worker earns about 1,551 USD per month. A construction worker having not more than five years income has 86,024 USD average annual incomes. A warehouse worker earns a monthly pay of 1,771 USD. A production worker earns a yearly of 22,800 $.

Salesperson Salaries in Singapore

Salespersons are employed to sell the products, and their income is based on their work.

A salesperson in Singapore earns about 28,500 $ annual income. Salaries in Singapore for salesperson have total compensation about 70 salaries. A sales assistant earns 28,000 $ yearly and sales executive has an average annual income of 54,078 $. In 2014 the salary of a sales manager came out to be 144,140 $

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