Salaries in Turkmenistan. Minimum Wage for Workers

Salaries in Turkmenistan. Minimum Wage for Workers

If you are tired of working in your home country and are looking for a change Turkmenistan could be a good place to relocate. It has a very low population of just 5.662 million spread out. This is within a vast area of 491,210 square kilometers. The country has a population density of just 10.5 persons per square kilometer.

These statistics coupled with the high GDP at US$ 112.65 billion (PPP) makes it a very attractive place to work and live for some years. The reasonably high and above average salaries in Turkmenistan draw many qualified expats to its shores. The country is also very beautiful with great scenic locations. This  could be visited without any hindrance. The crime rate is relatively low and the law is strictly enforced. Moving about is safe and there are many interesting places to visit.

Salaries in Turkmenistan According to Professions

Turkmenistan is rich in gas hence has a very vibrant industry on that score. Many expat professionals work in this industry drawing very high salaries. The average salaries in Turkmenistan is about US$ 3,100/=.

Doctors would be drawing anything between US$ 71,230/= and US$ 75,000per annum. Teachers would draw a little below the national average at about US$ 30,000/= to US$ 35,000/= per annum. There are some salary anomalies in certain professions and that would be mainly due to the low demand for those jobs. Salaries in Turkmenistan remain above average as it has a low population and a very high GDP. This requires more expats to work in the country.

Sales persons would draw salaries in Turkmenistan of about US$ 48,000/= to US$ 52,000/- per annum. Drivers would draw about US$ 34,000/- or more per annum. Marketing is also another profession that is in demand in Turkmenistan. Those with the right qualifications, and international experience could draw good salaries.

Engineers from every discipline whether it is civil, electrical, mechanical or information technology also are on the high bracket of remunerations. They could also be drawing salaries of US$ 70,000/= to US$ 74,000/- per annum. This would include all other benefits.

Most of the salaries for professionals would depend on their qualifications, experience and many other attributes that they would be able to display. Like anywhere in the world, internationally recognized qualifications are in high esteem.

Unskilled Workers’ Salaries in Turkmenistan

Unskilled labor is also in demand and they pays quite handsomely and could be around US$ 24,000/- to US$ 26,000/= per annum. There would be certain anomalies in salaries among the various professions but that would depend on the demand. The low population is creating a demand for some jobs. They fill up with expats when locals are unavailable.

The demand for unskilled labor is extensive in the construction industry. There is a new niche employment market opening in the information technology too. The communications sector is also gradually opening up with new opportunities. There is an overall demand for all types of labor in Turkmenistan.

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