Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements. Work Permit and Residence Permit

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements. Work Permit and Residence Permit

To travel to Saudi Arabia, you need a passport with a chip valid for at least 6 months. It is not possible to obtain visas with passport Israeli visas. Single women under the age of 35 are not allowed a visa. Citizens over 50 years of age are not allowed to work. Saudi Arabia working visa holders are required to obtain a residence permit within 90 days. Saudi Arabia is exempted from visa procedures with the condition that the official passport holders of the two countries do not exceed 90 days.

There are some types of visa such as transit visa, visitor visa, residence / work visa, family visa and exit visa.

For Muslims, it is easier to enter to the Kingdom due to issue of visas for religious purpose such as the Hajj and Umrah visas. Besides that, there are some strict national quotas for each country and all these visas are annually. Because there are a lot of people that wish visiting the holy places in Saudi Arabia.

When people decide to get visa to enter Saudi Arabia, they have to be careful about dates. Because, the dates of visas are arranged according to Islamic (Hijri) calendar.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

Saudi Arabia visa requirements are written on the online application on Enjaz website. People have to complete this application carefully.

On the website, you have to complete the online form and pay application fee at first. After completing online form, be sure that you have a passport valid for at least six months, residence permits of the country, two passport size photographs, confirmed tickets and travel itinerary, proof of permission to enter the destination country and a signed declaration. After having all these papers, people have to send an e-mail or bring in person to the local Saudi embassy.

When people get visitor visa to visit Saudi Arabia, they must be invited by a company or individually. They have to have someone who will act their sponsor and undertake responsibility during stay. The sponsor will apply for the visa instead of them and they will get serial number for visa. After that, visitors obtain a visa stamp in their passport. It will cost small charge.

Be Carefull On Timing

To get residence / work visa, it takes long time because of long procedure almost a couple of months. Saudi Arabia visa requirements contains some paperwork for employer and individual. During visa processes, people have to present their contract that they have with employment. They have to get the results of a full medical tests, with HIV test.

After all these tests, visitors will get a visa number. Visitors will get their residence / work visa, when they arrive in the Kingdom with a residence permit.

It is quite common that get family visit permit in Saudi Arabia. Families of people who already have worked in Saudi Arabia can not enter the country with the worker. The worker has to enter country firstly. After that, family of worker can apply visitor or residency visa. They can apply the visa by completing all the Saudi Arabia visa requirements such as medical tests and passport valid for at least six months. After all these paper works they can get the visa.

Residence Permit

Necessary Documents:

  • Work Permit from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Criminal Record.
  • Certificate of residence.
  • Photocopy of ID card.
  • Certificate appropriate to the study area.
  • Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form.
  • 2 Photos.

The person who is going to receive a residence permit in Saudi Arabia must inform Medina of his / her identity and passport information. In order to obtain a residence permit in Saudi Arabia, men under 60 years of age will have to be, women under 45 years of age

Business Visas:

Citizens who want to obtain a business visa first need an invitation. You can apply for a Saudi Arabia Commercial Visa by completing and completing the paperwork required to be prepared by the Authorized Visa Application Centers of Saudi Arabia.

Necessary Documents:

  • Passport
  • Color copy of passport.
  • Photocopy of ID card.
  • 2 biometric photographs.
  • Copy of the invitation.
  • Certificate of clearance.
  • Company documents. Original certificate of activity in your country, photocopy of the registry newspaper, photocopy of signature circular, photocopy of tax plate.
  • Visa Application Form.
  • Original or photocopy of the diploma.
  • SSI for employees, employment declaration and last 4 months payslips.

Saudi Arabia Transit Visa

Saudi Arabia is the only Gulf state. That’s why passengers transfer by air or land in there and it is also require visa. For this kind of transfers, people have to get transit visa.

Transit visa is used for changing planes at Saudi airport. There is no option to stop in country without transit visa even for 24 or 48 hours. People who want to transfer at the airport, they have to surrender to the immigration office with their transit visa. Even they want to drive through the country just to pass another country, they have to get at least 7-day visa.

When people just want to cross Saudi borders, it is necessary to make clear all the plans and paper works.

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